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General / Thrill Power Containment Unit 2019/20?
« on: 01 December, 2019, 05:08:36 PM »
Does anyone know if there’s plans to have an updated design for the Thrill Power Containment units (prog and Meg binders). We’re getting close to the end of the year and it’s normally around now it would be announced. Cheers. JB

Hi. Quick question. Is there any difference in the 3 Complete Alan Moore Future Shock collections that rebellion have released? ie. the one with the foolscap and sticky note cover, the Henry Flint cover, and the shadowy Moore face cover.

Thanks a mill. JB

Classifieds / Judge Dredd in America, 1991 2000ad books edition for sale.
« on: 29 December, 2017, 05:48:31 PM »
Hi guys. I have a 1st edition Judge Dredd America collection for sale. This is the 2000ad books collection from '91 so has the first story only and is a bit oversized so that stunning MacNiel art looks the business. It's paperback and has some creases on the cover (see pics). This is a double in me collection so I thought I'd offer it out.

£6 inc. UK Postage.

Cheers and happy new year to all.

Classifieds / SELLING: Transformers Classics UK Books 1, 2 & 4
« on: 25 June, 2017, 10:04:12 AM »
Item Name: Transformers Classics UK Books 1, 2 & 4
Location: London.
Price: £12 each (excluding postage).

Hi all, I have 3 books of IDW's collections of the Transformers UK stories from the 80s. for sale. Lots of 2000ad creators in there and terrific essays about the history of the comic and the stories themselves.

Selling as they are doubles in my collection so Like New Condition. I have books 1, 2 and 4 for sale. £12 each excluding postage. They're heavy enough so if you happened to be in London to collect in person it would save you a bit.



General / Thrill Power Containment Unit (Binders) 2017?
« on: 05 November, 2016, 07:45:22 AM »
Just wondering if anyone knows whether the Thrill Power Containment Unit will be returning to the shop? These binders were great last year and for me anyway they're becoming essential as it seems some stories in the prog are now written with the eventual book collection in mind rather than a weekly read so some series I wait until its finished before I read it in one go. The binders make that very easy. Its kept me as a subscriber to be honest.

Here's hoping we'll see them in the shop again soon.

General / 2000ad Binders
« on: 01 September, 2015, 02:47:02 PM »
Hi all,

This is very geeky so forgive me but some of ye may be into it. As the masses of progs I have builds up week by week I've been looking a at a way to properly store them in such a way that it would be easy to pick up and read when I want to. I remember the old Thrill Power Containment units and it’s a pity that they don't sell these any more and they don't seem to have any plan to. On an old thread here a website called http://modernbookbinders.com was suggested and that a years worth of progs would fit into 2 wirex binders, one 90mm spine and one 57mm spine American spine. That along with the extra wires comes in at £20.10 including postage (cheaper on postage if you order in bulk). I ordered one 90mm from them to see what they were like and its pretty good. I've attached some pics

Looking further into their website they offer made to order binders where you can get a wirex 150mm flat spine
http://modernbookbinders.com/Wirex_Binders.html. If my calculations are right I think that would hold a full years worth of progs. The thing is they only do a minimum run of 50 on that size. I'd love to have a big ass volume of a years worth of progs on my bookshelf. Heavy but possible to take it down and read at leisure. But of course I wouldn’t need fifty of them. Just wondering if anyone on here might be interested as well and I could cost it and see what it would be if we did a combined order.

Just throwing it out there and also interested to hear if anyone else has come up with other solutions over he years :)


How're ya,

I just wanted to bring a book to 2000ad fan's attention that I think they might enjoy. HOUND is an epic graphic novel series by Waterford Artist Paul Bolger and his collaborator Barry Devlin, telling the story of Cú Chulainn, famous hero of Irish mythology and one of the major influences for Sláine. Paul has worked as an animator and filmmaker as well as an artist and has credits with Aardman Studios amongst many others. His art on HOUND is is stunning black and white. Somewhere between Mignola, Kev Walker and Dom Reardon. He eventually want stop make this series into a movie. Book one was stunning in content and presentation. A beautiful book to have on the shelf. Paul is a pal but I confess to be a fan of his work as well and he's a big 2000ad nut himself.

Book one has sold out but there is a 2nd edition reprint of that on its way and Paul is currently crowdfunding the creation of Book two on Kickstarter so have a look and if you like what you see it is well worth your dosh.

Here's the kickstarter:

There's more info about Hound and Paul's work here:

Go raibh míle maith agat mo cairde,

Jamie B

General / Zenith Phase One
« on: 22 October, 2014, 01:21:45 AM »
I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the brand new Zenith Phase One hardcover in Gosh comics in London on Saturday and meet Steve Yeowell and get him to sign a copy. Twas just a quick hello to him to say that it was great that it was back in print to which he said that he was delighted that it was now affordable after all these years. Legend. Lovely chap. Great artist.

It's a handsome book as well and bigger than the limited complete edition last year. So I'm glad I waited. The complete Zenith looks great but having that Yeowell art in a bigger format is a real treat.

Great stuff. Bring on the other books :-)

General / Does Dredd need to be in every Prog?
« on: 19 July, 2014, 12:02:27 PM »
I listened to an old ECBT2000ad podcast which was a writers panel from last year and it struck me what AL Ewing said about not knowing what was going to happen in DoC in the main Dredd strip and would have changed his scripts if he had.

Now that we have a rotating roster of writers on the weekly Dredd strip in 2000ad I kind of wonder does Dredd himself need to be in every prog. The strip that bears his name doesn't necessarily have to have him as the protagonist. The non-wagner Dredd I've enjoyed most over the past year was definitely the recent Sensitive Klegg story. A classic and funny tale with Dredd as just a supporting character. Is that something to consider?

I think the thing about the post DoC stories is that they don't seem to have used the new status quo to its fullest potential. John Wagner's stories have, but of course it’s a kingdom he built. And there is sometimes that feeling that we are just waiting for Wagner. And when he returns it always pays dividends. I bought the Meg for the first time in ages to get a look at the new Dredd Strip. Wow. That's what you want. But even the little mutie school kid story in recent progs is a gem.

So should the Dredd strip when not being written by John Wagner actually not feature the man himself but the city and other characters other judges those writers have created? It'd be cool to see Judge Joyce developed more with his ex-sov partner in the hands of Michael Carroll with Carroll not having to worry about the main man being heavily featured. That's just one example. There's many more possibilities.

I think it would be cool and it would leave Rob Williams & Mike Carroll et al. to develop their own little corner of the City, which they are kind of doing anyway but more so, without the looming figure of the characters creator and what he has planned hanging over them. The characters and world are strong enough.

It no longer says on the cover 'Featuring Judge Dredd'. In the interest of full disclosure I am an unapologetic fan of John Wagner's writing and wish it was him writing every Dredd story. Alas that can't be the case it seems.

Just a thought, my two creds.

Happy Saturday

JB :-)

Books & Comics / The O Men book one on Comixology
« on: 26 March, 2014, 02:46:25 PM »
Just a quick recommendation. Book one of Martin Eden's small press superhero epic The O Men has just been released on Comixology both on the website and the app:


If you like Zenith you will love this. Its terrific. I have the original issues and the first two collections that he's published. Would love to see it get the plaudits that it deserves now its more widely available.



General / PREVIOUSLY ON 2000ad ....
« on: 25 June, 2013, 09:00:30 AM »
I know I've said this before but since the Dredd movie and 2000ad going digital day and date and what I perceive and hope is a new flow of readers both here in the UK and especially internationally (Eisner nomination! How brilliant!) I think its even more important that the comic be as accessible as possible. Yet as is 2000ad's nature we have returning series which are in the middle of long running and complex storylines which have been going on for years and yet there is no effort made to bring new readers up to speed on these.

Stickleback, Defoe, Zombo all spring to mind and that's just a few, even Dredd with all the changes that have happened due to Day of Chaos. There's loads. All these series are essentially multi-part/multi-year epics. What's a new reader to do? I know the argument would be to buy the trades to catch up but look, that will happen after the fact. The stories and art are good enough that people will want to properly read what went before but that's only after enjoying what is currently in the prog. And that's the problem. For a reader who has just plonked down there hard earned cash for a digital sub or even just pick it up off the shelf I think the prog can at times be impenetrable. And I worry that these new readers may not stick around if the comic is perceived as something that can only be enjoyed by long time readers. The long wait between each book of various series exacerbates this. I know that can't be helped but it’s a fact. Ten Seconders, about to return to the prog is a case in point, so is damnation station which is on its way soon.

Criticsm should be constructive so I offer that a possible solution would be the long promised 2000ad Wiki, with synopses of what has gone before in each book of each series. Highlighting the returning ones. Imagine being able to click a link on this website or even on the digital prog which would send you to a proper 'Previously on....'. Something well written and informative to bring new readers up to speed so they know what the hell is going on! If I was a new reader I wouldn't have a clue what's happening in Defoe or Zombo. Speaking of Zombo Pete Wells showed how to do a recap on his blog when he recapped the previous sries before the new on started. That was something I sent to everyone who I knew had started reading since the dredd movie and they were extremely grateful. Its here, its brill: http://bit.ly/19xBSsp. Simon Spurrier did something similar on this forum when Lobster Random returned. It works, its helpful and its needed. And this would in no way cannibalise trade sales only help them. They read the recap, follow the series and see that with writing and art that good they need to see the real thing.

I think this is really important. 2000ad always has aliens in it but it shouldn't be alienating.


Jamie B

General / Cold Deck & foreshadowing stories
« on: 20 November, 2012, 11:13:16 AM »
Hi There,

Been really enjoying Cold Deck along with its threads running through Low Life and Simping Detective. Probably one of the best non-wagner stories so far and also a logical follow up to the events of Day of Chaos. Great work all round and especially Matt Smith for overseeing it all. John Wagner himself has recommended it on his Facebook page. High praise indeed.

Just a quick question because you guys will know. Is there any other stories that foreshadow the Cold Deck featuring Bachmann and black ops judges outside of the Family Man story in the meg?

Thanks a mill


Classifieds / GN Swap
« on: 01 July, 2012, 11:55:20 PM »
Hey there,

I have a spare new copy of the Judge Dredd - Tour of Duty: Mega City Justice collection. Before I put it on ebay I just thought I'd see if anyone wanted to swap for it. Anything considered but particularly after Mandroid or Chief Judge's Man or Taxidermist. Any condition will do, doesn't have to be new.

I'll leave it with ye :-)



General / No Sub copy of 2000ad again this week
« on: 28 April, 2012, 12:38:23 PM »
Hi all,

Postman's been and gone and this is the second week in a row I have had no delivery of the prog. I Live in South East London. I'm going to contact the subs dept. on monday but anyone else have this problem?

This is where a combined Paper/Digital subscription would come in handy because this isn't the first time this has happened.

Bad timing as well as I'm itching to read Dredd and have avoided all spoilers so far.

be cool


Suggestions / 2000ad Subscriptions
« on: 20 April, 2012, 11:43:04 AM »
Hi all,

Today I got a letter from the 2000ad subs department to say that the price is increasing. This is fair enough and is just a fact of life.

I was thinking though. A good incentive to get subscriptions or to keep them up might be if people with subs could download a digital copy of the Prog as well.

What do ye think?



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