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Off Topic / Poetic justice
« on: 30 June, 2002, 11:03:44 PM »
Dear message board friends,

Compared to the sustained, continuous narrative of film, comics is a sequence of discrete moments. I think for a comic to be succesful great care must be taken over each moment, each panel, just as each line in a poem is struggled for and carefully considered. Therefore, I think comics is poetry to film's prose.

So this made me think, what poets do other comic readers like?

I give three:

- Omar Khayyam
- Edmond Rostand (French author of Cyrano de Bergerac)
- Shane MacGowan


General / So who IS going to Comics 2002?
« on: 31 May, 2002, 04:40:27 PM »
Dear Message Board,

I know scojo is not going during this weekend, but is anyone else from here? I hope I will meet some of you.

I think it will be very interesting, not like a convention more like a festival.



General / Scojo are you going to Comics2002?
« on: 30 May, 2002, 09:37:13 PM »
Dear Scojo,

if you are at the festival during the weekend I will buy you a drink. I think we made a bad start with the argument about moto cycle helmets so I will apoligise if I see you. How will i recognise you?

Of course it will be good to meet any person from here, but I think it is Scojo that is the only person who has angered me, so I want to make it up.


General / 2000 is the best
« on: 27 May, 2002, 08:37:45 PM »
Hi to every one,

I am back in United Kingdom for the festival of comics at Bristol, so I have to again visit my friends of the message board!

It has been a long time since I write here, but I read 2000AD each week. I can say since three weeks 2000AD is the most superb! Sin City, 13, Bec and Kawl make a strong group, but My Name Is Death is the best. Magnificent!

I have always adored Anderson, but a lot of artists can not draw her justly. Bisley gave her the look of a snake hips bodybuilder, Steve Samson made a trace of lingerie catologues, so many make her ugly and plastic, but Frazer Irving gives her beauty and life. And Death is real in the words and the images, no more of the stupid comedy.

long live 2000AD!



Prog / Prog 1169 - My last post
« on: 21 November, 2001, 03:01:07 AM »
Dear message board,

OK, I must leave you, my friends. This is the last week that I can visit the studio of my friend who has this computer.

I will still read the Galaxy's Great Comic but I will not have the power to visiter this site. What shame, because the new website design looks so well!

It is also sad that I have not viewed the prog this week, but I have seen the preview. It is good that the cover is of the story this week, but it is bad that Killer has not been cancelled! Tant pis!

Au revoir, tout le monde!


Prog / spoiler-I write about the plots
« on: 14 November, 2001, 08:28:00 PM »
Dear 2000AD message board,

Wow! This is the good cover from Cliff Robinson! You cannot see if he has no sex, like Robinson Judges normally.
But I am not satisfied! It is not relevant to the story. Me, I prefer the covers with the story.

Ok, Dredd is not as good as Couch Potatoes (my God! To say the Dredd of Wagner not as good as Rennie!) but still I enjoyed. Gibson now is very cartoon. In the days past, he would signature this Emberton or Q.Twerk and save Gibson for less cartoon. Still, it is charming.
Sinister Dexter, a good slice of gun shark life. Fantastic art from Frazer Irving! I have seen now Necronauts, A Love Like Blood, Judge Karyn in the Megazine and Sinister Dexter. Is there anything he cannot make?

Future Shock. Steve Moore wrote Abslom Dalek and this? That was good, but this is very poor. The ending, where is the irony, the premonition? Tricking young women into sex and sex slavage is amusing? I don't think so. But the art is less confusing than Sex Machine.

I avoid Killer until I master my gag reflex.

Anderson is more interesting this week. I have a theory about the monkey.



Prog / Baked potato coming through!
« on: 08 November, 2001, 03:18:24 PM »
Dear 2000AD message board,

I want to write Couch Potatoes is the more funny Dredd I have read this year! It made me laugh better than Helter Skelter. A very brillant idea, well executed.

More than the other writers Gordon Rennie has captured the sensation of the Dredd of Wagner. With Robbie Morrison you can feel it is not Wagner straight away (always the sad children in his Dredd stories!) and Ennis - crazy! But with Rennie, it  consitently does not feel different to Wagner.

Good art from Cliff Robinson. In effect, the art in this week is better than the last week. Apart from Killer. When I read Killer I have vomit leaking through my fingers.

In the avertisement for the megazine, is that Anderson? Why does she have a wookie on the head? I will find out today when I get my copy...



Prog / prog 1266- the art
« on: 31 October, 2001, 03:52:43 PM »
Dear 2000AD message board,

I hope it is OK to make critique for my first text. I want to speak about the art in this prog. Future Shock, Sinister Dexter, Killer and Anderson are all bad.

I like to see black and white art because it is bold and powerful, like Dave Gibbons or Frazer Irving, but Ian Richardson and Johnson/Roach make it so flat! It sometimes is difficult to see the story in the images and is not exciting. There is no depth, the forgeound is light and background figures are silhouette. Crazy. Future Shock page 3 is like a tapestrie, a flat very occupied pattern.

Sinister Dexter, in the text Dexter says the car is red but the car is blue. The wrong car is red! The scene in the alley is difficult to see the story, you have to stop reading the text to understand the images. Anderson, her body is lumpy. Why does she have a fat ass? There is no movement, it is like a photo-roman (strip with photographs instead of art).

But Judge Dredd is very good, beautiful painting like America. Stories are good in Dredd, Anderson and Future Shock, also.



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