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Author Topic: Fiends of the Eastern Ftront part 2  (Read 524 times)


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Fiends of the Eastern Ftront part 2
« on: 11 June, 2002, 08:09:16 PM »
 These are taking about 20 mins to write, so I'm begining to realise quite how much Morrison and Miller took the piss with Really and Truly.
Anyway part 2. If this works out it'll be  parts. If you want me to continue let me know and I'll finish the story.

Fiends of the Eastern Front

Part 2

Page 1

Frame 1
Sgt MULLER standing amongst forest of impaled russians

caption "5 years ago this would have horrified me. War changes a man."

Frame 2

Muller is back in the bunker collecting a great coat and ammunition.

Muller is in the foreground

sound effect Man moaning.

Frame 3

Muller Turns sees Klinger. This is  side on so you cant see all of Klinger s face.

Muller "Mein Gott." Well it's traditional.

Frame 4

Klinger full face

Left eye missing form socket He's been tortured.

"I wouldn't talk Karsten, I wouldn't talk."

Frame 5  
Klinger falls to floor.

Muller "UWE!"

Frame 6

Some time has passed Klinger is sitting wrapped in blanket drinking coffee, Muller is sitting with him.
"I was grabbed by them, they held me and cut me. Then the Romanians came. And it was Ivans turn to scream."
Muller "Where are they now?"
"I don't know, all I remember is the screaming, being pleased it wasn't me."

Page 2

Frame 7

A scratching noise. Muller jumps for his Schmeiser, A voice out of frame:

"No need for that Sergeant."

Frame 8

Man Standing above Muller and Klinger
Mid 40s, tall, elegant dispite being dressed in a standard uniform. Clipped black Moustache
"Kaptain Carnstine, 3rd Romanian Lancers at your servise."

Frame 9

Opens out behind Carnstine, squad of 8 men all dressed in slightly different uniforms, German, Italian, Hungarian, 1 man in Romanian uniform, hugely built battle scarred, this is Petrescu. Unlike the Germans their uniforms are all pristine and they are all clean and shaven.

Carnstine "And these are my merry men."

Frame 10

Muller "Kaptain we have orders..."
Carnstine "The front has collapsed here, I have been given a mission and I outrank you Sergeant.And I dare say your friend requires some medical attention."

Frame 11

Carnstine troops marching through snow with Muller and Klinger

Caption "I saw no option, I was one of  Carnstines men now."

Frme 12

Muller walking with Carnstine

"These troops, they're not all Romanian"

"No sergeant they're not. They are a punishment group I selcted to accompany me."

"They don't look like convicts."

"They did when they came to me , I like a degree of sartorial elegance in my men, we'll have to get you a new uniform soon"

Page 3

Frame 13

Muller Still talking to Carnstine

Carnstine "Of course your now my second in command, but please refrain from ordering Petrescu, he's been with me from the start and performs certain funcions for me."

Muller "Yes Sir."

Frame 14

One of Carnstines troopers up ahead Waving back to him.

Carbstine "Russians. Wait here with your friend."

Frame 15

Karnstine disappearing around bend in road.

Muller sitting with Klinger.

Klinger "You enjoy taking orders from that mongerel?"
Muller "If it keeps us alive, yes."

Frame 16

Russian Sentry standing outside base camp. Tents can be seen behind him.

Frame 17

Same soldier slumped to floor decapitated.


Muller and Klinger

Caption "Then the screaming began."

Page 4


Large frame

Muller is standing with Klinger in burning base camp, russian corpses everywhere.

Frame 2

Russian soldier crawling toward Muller, points at  Carnstine "Voederi!"

Frame 3

Petrescu snaps soldiers neck.

Page 5

Frame 1

Carnstine "You speak Russian Sergeant?"

Muller "No sir."

Carnstine "Good, good."

Frame 2

Carnstine "We have to move out of here quickly."

Soldiers behind him are bent over enemy bodies.

Caption. "I thought they were robbing the corpses, I ignored it."

Frame 3

Carnstine has picked up a gold crucifix from a russian soldier.

"Stalin has tried to stamp out the old religion in Russia. But you can not steal  man away from his gods. The church will survive there."

Frame 4

Petrescu and soldiers forming up to march off.


"Your leader understands that. He is trying to make himself a god for your people, to replace the Nazerene in their hearts.  He understands the power of faith."

Frame 5

Shot of sections boots as they march off in to the snow.
Caption "We marched again, I realised I did not yet know our destination"

Frame 6

Crucifix lying in the snow, snapped in two.

To be continued.



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Re: Fiends of the Eastern Ftront p...
« Reply #1 on: 11 June, 2002, 11:21:51 PM »
 coming soon: My Ant Wars Movie script








Actually thats probably a lie.