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Like all of us on the board, I was gutted to hear about the loss of Alan Grant.

Through his writing, he's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; I've "known" him longer than any of my friends and most of my family.

As a writer and sub-editor, he was key in shaping the voice of 2000AD. As a writer, in collaboration and individually, the quality of his work ensured that 2000AD had a fanbase and that it survives to this day.

The tributes to passed creators has been an all too common feature in the Meg over the past few years. They're always well written and respectful. I also understand that as a business 2000AD can't always spend all of its time looking back at the hits of yesterday.

However, I hope that it's recognised that Alan's contribution to 2000Ad, to the Megazine (Particularly in the early days) and to British comics in general deserves a greater tribute than general. A couple of years ago, Carlos' contributions were celebrated by a special as well as a Meg floppy of a small selection of his work.

I'd like to respectfully request that Alan's work is celebrated in a similar fashion.

I certainly think that having the next available* special devoted in a style similar to the Carlos Sci-Fi Special would be a good idea.

* meaning where practical, taking in to account the time needed to contact creators, co-ordinator art, etc.  I wouldn't expect the Hallowe'en / Winter special (if there is one this year, haven't kept track) to be the candidate.


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