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DREDD screenwriter Alex Garland answers YOUR questions!

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Pete Wells:
Brilliant! Thanks fellas, lots to comment on and I will, but THIS really made me happy!:

--- Quote from: Molch-R on 23 August, 2012, 06:42:15 PM ---A:  Hello, Pete.  I really regret not putting your name on a block.  Next time, if there is one...

--- End quote ---

I'll go see it 50 million times myself!

Hi Alex.

Thanks for replying to mine and everyone else's questions at what must be a very busy time for you!
It was me you met at the London Comic Con Q+A (real name Ashley Beeching).
I was such a thrill to meet you and after watching the clip screened, I think I could barely speak as I was so impressed and excited!
Thanks for being so gratious and talking to the fans after the Q+A and talking with such passion about the film.
I hope  Dredd 3D is a massive success and it gets the sequels it deserves!  :D

Top man Alex, you're missing some props to a certain insider who shall remain nameless kept the positivity going on these boards during the tough times.
He deserves some kudos as well.  :)

Mr Garland,
Thanks enormously for taking that time off from Martinis and air hostesses to kindly give us some answers to really chew on for the next fortnight or so.  Heck, as you said yourself, you’ve already kinda given us the ‘DVD commentary’ to take into the cinemas with us, so I hope you’re feeling our collective gratitude. 
If I had any say, you’d be getting everything you want.  Of course, I would then be blissfully looking forward to an Axel Pressbutton movie and Dredd on the goggle-box.  (And who’s to say I shouldn’t still be?)
Again, the very best of luck to you with Dredd next month and with whatever else is following on for you in the future.

Three cheers for Goaty!  (And at least 2.9 each for Joe Soap, Crave Noir and Radiator!)

Plus, at the risk of sounding like a grexnix: Nicely set up, Mr Molcher.

Aye, a good read. I doubt the forthcoming media coverage will hold much of a candle to this.

The campaign for an Edmund Dehn (Judge Minty) cameo in the mooted Cursed Earth set sequel starts here.


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