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The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire limited hardcover announced

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We've been very lucky!

I got an email yesterday confirming a delay of at least another month citing paper shortages as the reason, as suggested here.

Jade Falcon:
Another delay email from Amazon, this is kinda unreal, it must be special paper or something they're using.

Yet another push-back ( from 21st September !!!  )
Product is available for pre-purchase and scheduled for release on Wednesday 26th of October 2022

Why can't this be printed in the UK ??

Presumably all kinds of reasons. I imagine Rebellion already had a business relationship with a certain printer pre-Brexit and is happy with their work. And there might be various financial ramifications of moving elsewhere. But also, moving printing to the UK wouldn’t necessarily change things anyway. Printers here are under immense pressure too. So while import issues would disappear in the sense of getting the books here, they might just be replaced by delays in getting raw materials to the printer, printer capacity, or even ongoing paper shortages.

Notably, Rebellion is far from alone. Head to other comics forums and you’ll see Marvel fans getting miffed about ongoing delays, especially to premium omnibus volumes. And if a giant like Marvel is affected by these problems, it’s hardly surprising Rebellion is too. I’d say it’s good Rebellion is keeping people informed. When things aren’t going as smoothly as expected, transparency helps.


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