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Sideshow Vote II: Simply the best – The Magnificent 7

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I think my love for the ABCs runs too deep to choose- and I'm still angry that a Mek-Files 4 hasn't appeared. And also, all respect to Pat, but everyone knows the best ABCs story is Red Planet Blues by Mr Moore.

But I'm voting the Meknificent Seven, despite loving the strip to the very end.


Magnificent Seven.
The series has always been blessed with fantastic artists but I did prefer it when they actually looked like robots.
The Warriors themselves are never better.
Deadlock is properly sinister and there's a feeling that hes barely kept in check by Hammerstein - something which is lost once he becomes centre stage villain or comedy magician. Pineapples and Mongrol are at their best before they learn how to speak. Hammerstein isn't the butt of the jokes but a proper hero.

And then there are some great moments you wouldn't get in any other comic. The opening scenes of the Red Death surpassed only by its closing scenes.
But most of all there's Mad George. Never questioned it at the time but looking back its got to be the only feel-good terrorist story going.

Looks like the title influence the most since we have a clear favorite but you have until Monday to change your mind

Voting Closed

So the title is the winner The Magnificent 7

Funt Solo:
Meknificent, you heathens!

It's a good series, aye.


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