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: Fave songs.
: Thread Zero 16 June, 2002, 06:13:26 PM
Just thought I'd go off topic for a change.
After all there's only so much I can say about my scripts.

Ahem, anyway..

Does anyone remember a great pop tune in the 1980's by the group The Blow Monkeys?

The song was called Digging Your Scene.

One of my all time faves is that. An amazing pop song. Great use of saxaphone.

scojo humming

: Re: Fave songs.
: christophe 16 June, 2002, 06:32:56 PM
Dear scojo,

Light my Fire was good (original not Pop Idol) but I cannot agree with you about this.

A saxophone will ruin most pop songs, especially in a solo. The instrument is an abomination, and it is not a coincedence that its inventor was called Adolphe.

: Re: Fave songs.
: Jim_Campbell 16 June, 2002, 07:01:35 PM
"Light my Fire was good (original not Pop Idol)"

Agreed. The Pap Idol version is an abomination ... as is the Sugababes (?) desecration of Are Friends Electric ... hanging's too good for 'em, I say!

Anyhoo, too hard to pick one fave, so here's me top five, in no particular order:

Fear Loves This Place - Julian Cope (Jehovakill)

255 - New Model Army (Thunder & Consolation)

Last Exit for the Lost - Fields of the Nephilim (The Nephilim)

21st Century Digital Boy - Bad Religion (Stranger Than Fiction)

No More Heroes - The Stranglers (No More Heroes)

Honourable mention for being unable to remove from the personal CD player until my wife nicked the album (and to prove that I _do_ own albums recorded in the last decade):

The Next World - Pro Jekt (Encryption) ... growly Nephilim-ish vocals, awesome Rammstein guitars and a bangin' techno beat. These lads are gonna be _stars_ ...