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Classifieds Rules Thread - Read this before posting a thread


Some of these rules are obvious, some of them not so much.
These rules stop people getting ripped off and keep this place a little more organised, so ensure you've read them before you make a thread.

These rules augment the existing Forum Rules unless stated otherwise.

Fraud and Accountability

We take no responsibility: None of us take any responsibility for ANY transactions that take place here. If you don't get the item you paid for, that is your problem. If you get an item you paid for and it is broken, that is your problem. If somebody does not pay you money they owe you, that is your problem. We simply do not have the time, resources, money, or know-how to investigate every so-called "fraudulant" transaction here. You are using this forum at your own risk.

We won't hold people accountable: There is NO way for us to determine if PERSON A or PERSON B was ripped off during a sale between the two. It's simply one person's word against another's, so we are unable to conclusively determine who's lying. As a result, do NOT complain to the mods about somebody ripping you off because we have no way to figure out if you or the other person are telling the truth.

Paper Trail: Don't respond to emails or other forms of communication off this forum unless they have posted in your thread. IE: if you get emails or aimed about an item, make sure that you have them post in your thread.  If they don't and something goes wrong it makes it very difficult to take any action against them.

Banned Items

No illegal items: This includes guns, drugs, warez, murder squads, various other obviously illegal items.

None of these:

* CD Keys.
* Ebooks or electronic texts, unless you own the copyright.
* Beta software or Beta keys. Just because it's beta doesn't mean you own it.
* Mod chips or modded equipment. This includes services to mod devices, be they games consoles, set to boxes, etc. Anything which allows pirating or theft of goods/services.
* Loans or other types of money exchange.
* Payment for signing up to a service of any kind.
* Payment or trading of essays, research or homework.
* Accounts on other services. This includes WOW accounts.

This isn't a discussion board: Try not to start a discussion in threads which which are purely for buying or selling. If you want to discuss that particular game/comic/film then take it to another subforum.

All sale threads must have an asking price: ALWAYS include an asking price when you create your sale thread. Any items without an asking price affixed will assume to be on sale for 1p. If you don't know the value, look it up or post a valuation thread.

Tell people where you're based: Sometimes it's easier to collect an items than to post it, and sometimes you'll be selling someting in the USA while someone who wants to buy it is in Lithuania. If you don't post where you are then people don't know if buying that life size granite Judge Dredd is feasible.

Proof of high-value items: If you are selling an expensive item then you should post a picture of said item. This MUST be an ACTUAL picture of the item you are selling (not a stock photo), and if you can include yourself and your username in picture then that's a plus. If you don't do this then it's perfectly reasonable to expect to be asked for it before people put offers down.


Q: How many times can be I bump my thread before it becomes silly?
A: Bump your thread a maximum of two times before assuming nobody is interested. It's your choice when you bump the thread, and don't get indignant about it.

Q: I don't know how much this stuff is worth, what should I do?
A: Depending on the item you can check either Ebay and/or to get a good idea of how much stuff is going for. If you can't find anything on those, post a valuation thread before following it up with a sale thread.

Q: I've been ripped off, what do I do?
A: Firstly, contact a staff member about it so we at least know whats going on, although we can't take any real action. Secondly, is a good reference to start from. I can't stress enough how important it is to keep track of your sales here and keep the other party in the loop. When in doubt AT LEAST send an email to one another if there is a problem. Be responsible; don't neglect the other party just because you got the money and will get around to sending out what you sold when you feel like it. Same thing with buying, you say you are going to buy and end up changing your mind - say something quick. We will not tolerate wishy-washy buying and selling.

Thread Types

Here are some thread template/examples to make everyones life easier:


Title: "BUYING: [insert item name here]"

--- Code: ---[b]Looking For:[/b] DVD of Random Filmname
[b]Asking Price:[/b] £6, £8 with case, £10 with everyhting good condition
I've been looking for this thing for years.

--- End code ---


Title: "SELLING: [insert item name here]"

--- Code: ---[b]Item Name:[/b] Some figurine
[b]Location:[/b] Oxford, UK.
[b]Price:[/b] £10 ono.
Picked this up a while ago and it's just been sat on my shelf.
Some minor scratches on the base (pictures by request) but otherwise untouched.
Both arms rotate and you can even pose the character.

--- End code ---


Title: "VALUATION: [insert item name here]"

--- Code: ---[b]Item:[/b] Almost complete collection of Comicname, issues 3-607
Been collecting these for years but run out of room and need to drop them
off to a good home, but don't have any clue what value these are, though.
As best I can tell, 50% are in mint condition, wrapped in plastic,
while 20% are quite faded and a few are dogeared.
Have issues 3-607, missing from that batch are issues 245 through 256, 123, 78 and 4.
Are any of these high-value? I can post pictures of ones that might be on request.


--- End code ---

Here is my list of approximate values of 2000AD comics. Please note that if you are selling in bulk you are unlikely to sell for this much and if you are only buying one or two comics you may need to pay more.

2000 AD comics

Prog 1 £100 - no spinner
Prog 2 £100 - no biotronic stickers
Prog 3 £50 - no red alert wallet

Progs 1-3 are worth approximately double this amount if they include their free gifts.

Progs 4-20 £5 each
Progs 71, 72, 77 & 78 £20 each
Progs 21-200 £2 each
Progs 201-500 £1 each
Progs 501-1199 50p each
Progs 1200-1499 £1 each
Progs 1500-present cover price
Prog 1208 £20 (many failed to reach the shops)

Judge Dredd Megazines

Vol 1 £2 each
Vol 2 £1 each
Vol 3 £1 each
Vol 4-present £2 each

Other publications

2000AD Annual 1978 £10
Judge Dredd Annual 1981 £10
Other annuals £5 each
Summer Special 1977 £15
Sci-Fi Special 1978 £10
Other specials £3 each
Poster progs £2 each
UK sized reprint progs £1 each
USA sized reprint progs 50p each

Zenith graphic novels £30 each
Other Titan graphic novels £5 each


Condition is assumed to be a minimum of Very Good.
These values are based on what I would charge someone if commissioned to replace their collection.
Grant Goggans has written an alternate price guide which you can read on BARNEY.
If you strongly disagree with any of my values here, please send me a private message. These values are about the same as the ones I posted on this board in 2003.


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