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Pat Mills on Action article.

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For those who missed it, this makes for a very interesting read:


Thanks for that, and yes it does make for interesting reading.  As does Action itself.  From a modern perspective it seems incredibly tame (I'm fairly sure I've commented as such before), particularly in light of nearly 40 years of tooth.  I'm not sure I agree with Pat on Sci Fi / Fantasy as a retreat.  It takes a real talent to twist the reality of the contemporary the way so many of Sci Fi's greatest have managed, particularly some of the writers we have had the pleasure of over the years.  As a cultural artefact though I would argue that it is profoundly important.

You have pointing out the most interesting part of what Pat had to say (IMO). Here is the almost complete quote:

--- Quote ---“Science fiction is not the same. I remember thinking, If we say it’s science fiction, if we say they’re robots or androids or whatever, we can get away with so much more. But it was a retreat. I always see science fiction as a retreat. People always say how profound a science fiction or fantasy story is, but I’m not convinced that a satire or an allegory can every be as potent as actually telling it like it is on the streets.”
--- End quote ---

Talent of sci fi writers is not a stake here I think, it is more a question of touching people. For me indeed The Wire is the most moving and potent thing I have ever seen (I would have liked to find other examples in comics or books but nothing comes to mind for the time being).

The Adventurer:
That quote explains so much about Pat Mills and why I have such a general dislike of his brand of science fiction.

Odd how Mills can be revered amongst squaxx despite not actually liking SF, but when certain other droids express a not dissimilar opinion, the ECBT crew clamour for their instant expulsion from the prog.


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