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Let's just start with a few previous covers...

Don't they just look fantastic?

That's just a few of covers from past issues.
Not only have we had 19 regular issues but THREE Jikan Chronicles - collecting the stories of the time-travelling demon-hunting samurai,
TWO Spencer Nero Compendiums - the British agent who finds astonishing strength whenever he dons the mask of Janus,
collected editions of the complete stories Undertow and Cushing & Sons, four hardback christmas annuals and two horror comic spin-offs.

Now we are back with issue 20 and a swish new title masthead.

You know, there are professional publications that don't last this long and yet here we are, still going strong with a fantastic line up of stories. Recurring characters in stand alone stories so you don't need to know what has gone before as long as you know the basic premise;

Jikan - a double length episode - what if the time-hopping demon-hunting samurai landed on the Titanic? And he's not there to ice his drink...

Spencer Nero - Spencer Nero in India, and as enlightened and sympathetic to the people whose country it actually is as you'd expect an agent of the British Empire to be...

Bulldog - the anthropomorphic protector of the skies of Blighty! Bulldog has been going for over twenty years now - PJ Holden is a previous artist for his adventures. This issue, the Queen is dead and there's a search for a successor...

Not only do we have the regulars this time around but a one off, light hearted quest for a ragtag bunch of adventurers in A Star Falls

Over 40 pages for £2.99 (plus p&p)

It barely takes twenty minutes to read an American comic these days but for much the same price you could have a lot more fun reading a good old fashioned British anthology. This isn't an homage or a pastiche. This is a continuation of the fine style of comics I grew up reading in the 70s and 80s.

Buy your copy from the blogspot
or, if overseas, via l

Contributor Dirk van Dom put it better than me when he said on his blog;
"No, it's not mainstream, its not glossy, its not full colour, it doesn't feature superhero types in gaudy-coloured spandex costumes pounding 50 shades of inconsequential sh*t out of each other, or female characters who have nothing going for them other than big tits and improbable asses. What it IS, is an old-school, no-bullshit, boys-own action/adventure comic reminiscent of the 2000ads and Eagles and Warlords and Battles and other glorious black-and-white comics that were so, so cool in the 80's. Its hard to find a comic nowadays that inspires the same kind of feeling picking up one of those comics back then did, but Paragon comes pretty close and it keeps on getting better. If nothing else, its got a lot of heart and its clear everyone involved has a great passion for the medium. Yes, I contribute to the comic so I may be a little biased... but I am just one of 10 people (writers, artists and letterers) whose work is featured in this issue, and every one of them deserves to have their work seen. If you don't like the stories, you might like the art. If you don't like the art, you might like the stories. If you don't like the stories OR the art, you might appreciate the effort and enthusiasm that has gone into every page. If you don't like that either, well, hey, at least you can say you tried!"
Give it a go!! Support your local small press!!

Greg M.:
20 issues of a small-press title is something to be very proud of, Davey.

Just gotta say - I'm really grateful for Davey giving A Star Falls another airing in the pages of Paragon. It was previously published a few years back in the Metaverse anthology, which I'm not sure has had a much wider distribution than being for sale at the convention it debuted at. A crying shame, that.

20 issues is a good milestone, Davey!

flip-r mk2:
Ordered :)



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