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whilst looking on the Eaglemoss site I noticed that they have 2 new collections starting soon

]Battlestar Galactica The Official Ships Collection
"Tour the galaxy with these oversized die-cast model ships based on the popular Battlestar Galactica television series. This new series will feature models from both the classic and the 2004 series. Each of the ships will be between 20 & 28 cm long with a stand that makes it ideal for display. A must-have for any fan of the sci-fi series!"
Each ship is £44.99 each + magazine  & the first issue is available from 30th March

Star Trek Discovery Starships Collection
"COMING SOON: We're excited about the first new Star Trek television series in 15 years, so excited we have created this incredible collection of STAR TREK DISCOVERY models fully authorised by CBS Studios. The collection includes all the most significant ships from the STAR TREK new television series DISCOVERY."
Each ship & magazine are £34.99 the first issue is available to pre--order & issue 2 is available from15th March

Thank Christ neither of those interest me at all, especially at the price.

I have enough pieces of plastic shit gathering dust as it is.

Aimed at the younger market Eaglemoss have a new weekly partwork "Batman and the DC Superfriends"

Each issue comes with a Batman & the DC Superfriens book & either a figure or play set item

Only £1.99 issue then £5.99 per issue

De Agostini are doing a Build Your Own Thunderbird 2 collection

Build your own Thunderbird 2, the official movie prop replica of the British 1960s cult series in 1:144 scale.

The Thunderbird 2 was tasked with carrying International Rescue's vehicles and equipment and therefore is a tough, hard-wearing machine. With every pack you will receive high-quality materials to assemble your Thunderbird 2 as well as a number of the most popular rescue vehicles.

Introductory Offer: Get your FIRST MONTH of the Thunderbird 2 for only £9.99!

Each following month is priced as follows:
12 month option = £79.99 per month
24 month option = £39.99 per month

I'm not too keen on model collections as I wouldn't have the room to display them so I tend to stick to book collections.  One series I'd love to see happening is a Gerry Anderson collection with all those Thunderbirds, Stingray et all stories, so why hasn't this happened yet?


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