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Leigh S:
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**** ALL SPOILERS  *******

Great cover and even greater Flint art on the Dredd section.  Niemand pitches the set up well and the dynamic between Alpha and Dredd rings true.  Flint's Alpha is glorious.  The 2000 A-lternative D-imensions thing from Helter Skelter never really worked for me

The other stories only feel tangentally connected to the Dredd, despite it acting as a framing narrative

Rogue Trooper is OK - great art again - couple of oddities - having other (dead) GIs wandering around makes sense I suppose, though the art had him looking so fresh that it caused a bit of dissonnance.  From the Quartz zone I'd expect it to be crustier - felt like it needed some explanation there - also the "killing" of Rogue at the end isnt very clear (and looks like it is straight through the chip!)

Not to drag over the other stories in detail, but just to say they run off with the idea of "Zombies"  to greater or lesser effect, but completely disregard that the Zombies (at least Sabbat's zombies) are magic based, rather than a disease or other such, so they dont really addd anything.

Stront comes back with some nice Staz Johnson art, but pedant mode has to be engaged here - Torso was killed years before the events of Judgement Day, as was more obviously Wulf, so why are they here other than fan service?  You can say "different time line" but the starting conceit of the strip appears to be a single different path taken at the end of Judgement Day.  Not sure how Alpha is aware of other dimensions being directly affected when he returns to the Doghouse either, but I suppose its a minor quibble - i just like to see the characters discover the plot through events rather than have it explained in a narrative box I suppose - as far as Alpha can tell at this point, he just hasnt succeeded in stopping Sabbat turning his own Universe bad? 

All of this might seem pedantic but it does undermine the "cliff hanger" a bit - overall, an interesting experiment - worked better for me than the Summer Special with the linked stories, but I do have to divorce the "back up strips" from the arc -  I suppose there are all kinds of explanations you could give to explain why Sabbats "Necro Magic" leads to very different types of zombies just sprouting up elsewhere (its "complex" as Alpha says!), but not having that cohesion diminishes the overall impact for me.

Looking forward to getting the Meg , which will hopefully concentrate on the main plot more, and therefore have more "ahem" bite for my taste...

Funt Solo:

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Alternate dimension, innit.

Signed - Sideways Scuttleton

Cover and Logo:

Colin YNWA:
Well after we can all stop being offically sad the Prog is allowed to land and bring the good times.

I mean this is all utter nonsense and poppycock, but by george it knows its nonsense and poppycock and simply revels in that fact. I'm going to break with tradition and not review this story by story as there's little point. The framing sequence sets up a flimsy premise just there to serve up the playful, chomping fun. Each story handles its take on the zombies their own way. Nothing is of any substance or consequence it all played for laughs. Best punchline is defo the end of Robo-Hunter. That's a beaute!

Sinister Dexter is particular fun too.

Couple of artists I want to call out - in what is generally a wonderful draw piece. Do we know Russell M. Olson (on S&D) or Kieran McKeown (on Meat Arena) both new to me (I think) and both great.

The biggest problem is the framing sequence. In trying to give it a serious underpinning - well of sorts - it almost undermines the fun. Johnny going around being stern and all Johnny kinda tips things over. Mind Henry Flints simply breathing art more than makes up for that. Each time you think Henry Flint can't get any better you read his next thing and realise he can. Truly Mr Flint is a wonder to behold.

So yeah for a special issue (or 2 with the Meg coming) this is well worth the price of entry.

I thought it was great fun. It knows what it wants to be and it just runs with it.


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