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Prog 2302 - ....and Hell Followed with Her

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A good prog with just one misstep.

Dredd – An interesting one-shot and continues the concept that Maitland pitched. Maitland now has a change to prove her concept as she is given a year to see if it works.

Chimpsky – The misadventures continue and poor Chimpsky is now the next victim of the twins. We are still very much in setup territory. Good start by Niemand and PJ.

Hope – The first episode of the second part focus on Mallory’s “wife”. Everything is quite normal until she gets “hungry” and then all hell breaks loose. Interesting start to the next arc.

Enemy Earth – More back-story but still the story does not really do anything for me. Not my cup of tea.

Hershey – We start off with a scene when Hershey was just a rookie and then we jump back to the main story. The story is “superbly” told by the great artwork of Simon.  A good solid start.

Cover by Tazio Bettin:

Cover and Logo:

The Mind of Wolfie Smith:
what. a. cover.

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