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Prog 2303 - Swarn Enemy?

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Colin YNWA:
Two days, two Progs. With any luck we might be getting back on schedule, but I'll not count my chickens.

I'm not going to do regular running order as I have some Rob Williams issues, while both episodes are good they... well we'll get back to that.

Enemy Earth disappoints as it seemed to be exploding outside, which it needs, but no it dragged back in. Next week surely. Still not too bad at all.

Chimpsky's Law continues to delight as does Hope but both in such very different ways. Two great thrills, so contrasting in tone, style and art (all excellent) and yet perfectly at home back to back in the Prog. This is why we love the GGC isn't it.

Now the Prog is bookended by two Rob Williams Dreddworld strips. Both with glorious art - Henry Flint on Dredd seems to be trying something new again that is generally superb... except that Anderson pic page 4 is a bit... something ANYWAY. No issues with the art at all. Just fantastic. The stories too, particularly Hershey. My issue isn't that its just once again Rob Williams drawing on the backstory he's been developing for years now.

It fine, its his to do but its beginning to really make his take in the Dreddverse feel really limited and restricted. I'm bored of things refering back and back and back. Yes he's pushing the storylines forward, adding new elements but he has the world world to explore and wish he used more scope in doing that.

All that said both great episodes so yah know that's just me whining!

Good Prog.

A good prog and it is always special when you Flint and Fraser on art duties.

Dredd – Aaah mister Flint is back on Dredd and that is always a good sign. Interesting start to the new arc but we spend most of our time after the events of End of Days.

Chimpsky – What a fun “evil” story. Enjoying this one. Keep it PJ and Ken.

Hope – This is getting more intriguing as we also get a more background on the alternative second world war. Hopefully we also get more insight on the purpose of the reel soon.

Enemy Earth – At first, I tough it was just mainly the artwork that I am not liking but in essence nothing stands-out for me to tell read me, read me.  The story has not moved an inch and is starting to tread water.

Hershey – So Rob is pulling in storylines from way back and it is quite interesting how the whole Enceladus event will be used. As always Simon’s art is top-notch.

Cover by Luke Horsman:

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