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Prog 2306 - Titanic SF Thrills!

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Colin YNWA:
Tired ol' tagline, but best Regened for some time. Its a cracker.

Dredd is energetic, fun and really places nicely with the Joe / Rico dynamic. Loved this one.

Bladers James Peaty lands a good un! Regened has been crying out for a good sports thrills and this one lands for me. The sport itself is kept simple and open enough for some expansion. The team / coach is a little cliche but brisk and enjoyable and while it clearly needs more parts to flesh this one out I'd welcome more.

Ulysses Sweet - Psychobaby by its grown-up teams creative crew is daft cheeky fun.

The Future Shock is the only real let down its rather long and overblown for what it is and the twist is muh!

Another nice Chopper wraps things up well. Its as playful as the previous story the winks to camera well used. Its brisk and exciting and all adds to Marlon's character growth. Great stuff.

Not sure what's going on with next weeks cover, but who cares when the Prog in front of you is this much fun!

Cover by Alex Ronald:

Cover and Logo:

I keep reading ‘Bladers’ as ‘Bladders’, which I’m assuming would be a very different strip. No idea when the Prog will land, alas. (The child has her comics this week, but I don’t have mine. Tsk.)

Overall, this was not a bad regen prog. The big letdown for me was that Mayflies was advertised in the previous prog, but it was nowhere to be found.
Back to the regen prog and for this round the Cadet Dredd worked for me, the new thrill Bladers was quite enjoyable and would mind more of it (and yes it has art by Leigh Gallagher whom I thought would not work in the regen prog). Ulysses Sweet in the regular prog I did not like but the mini version was fun and something different. I liked the Future Shock and this one could have worked in the regular prog as well.


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