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Free Comic Book Day 2023

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The list of comics for next years Free Comic Book Day with 44 comics available next year including Rebellion's 2000AD Regened Presents: The Best Comic Ever

Link Prime:
Lionel Hutz may have a slam dunk on his hands judging by the cover.

Glad to see it has Pandora Perfect in it, and is that Full Tilt Boogie too?

O Lucky Stevie!:
Oh boy. The "What about the subscribers?" mob are going to go futsie when they hear this.

Not sure why given that FCBD has never been offered to subscribers at any level.  Normally the issue is over promo stuff that is only for certain groups of subscribers.  TBF the last few years Rebellion has been much fairer to different subscriber groups.

As for the FCBD prog, given that so much of it is often reprint material and it is fairly easy to get a copy for a reasonable price online it isn't really an issue.  Will see what they do but since I'm not really part of the target market for this, I'm not too worried.  Hope it does go down well with newer readers.


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