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Guys, I am sorry if this is old news, but have you all seen the REBOOT GCI cartoon from a few years ago?

I am mentioning it here as Brendan McCarthy and Ian gibson did most of the character designs.

It is a canadian show but was shown here on CITV.

I would put a link to the site if I knew how, but you need to visit the home page of MAINFRAME (the animation studio) there are links around to the REBOOT sections.

It may be of interest if you didn't know about it.


Don't live in London? Still not booked a hotel yet? Tsk!

The link below should take you to the Thistle City Barbican Hotel website. It's roughly 10 minutes walk from the convention, is four star and is a staggering-cheap-for-the-middle-of-London ?35 a night.

WilsLink: Thistle Hotel

From when virtual reality was the future? Remember it being on at least.

Although I only saw a couple I remember it as being really good... one episode was a great Mad Max II/Road Warrior spoof.

Can you get it on DVD?

It's my most favouritest cartoon show of all time great mate. I still have most of the episodes on vid, and it was supposed to have been released on DVD over two years ago. I'm still waiting.


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