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I have all of season two on vid, as well as what they broadcast of season three.

Shame they aren't showing any more.

It was the kids got me into it, honest.


Yeah, it was my kids that got me into it too, and that's why I have such a large collection of ReBoot merchandise that they are not allowed to touch :)

Have you been downloading the desktop calendar?

The three I have so far are superb.


Nice Tom:
Yeah, that was a truly excellent cartoon. I remember one ep that was a brilliant spoof of 'The Prisoner'. I read that most of Ian Gibson's designs didn't actually get used, and they were used instead in a children's comic strip called 'Annie Droid' which ran in, I think, the Funday Times in 1999.

I didn't know that, thanks for the info!

Dave6795 wonders where he can get hold of old times'


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