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Meg 438: Homeland Security

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--- Quote from: IndigoPrime on 17 November, 2021, 10:37:19 AM ---Here’s hoping Matt had an idea of where the series was going to end from Si. Even if not, I thought it ended well and was clearly in-keeping, since I didn’t notice the scripting switch.

--- End quote ---

I think there’s usually a synopsis of the whole series, giving at least a broad overview of the story and the important plot points, before a series is given the go-ahead for scripting. In that case, I’d imagine Matt had at least a general idea of how Si intended to wrap things up.

Sean SD:
My Top 3 for Meg 438

1st - Tales from the Black Museum - wasn’t perfect but was a fun, dark tale. Top thrill this week

2nd - Dredd - Norvald Drumpff with an orange pony tail lol

3rd - Angelic - enjoyed this series, hope to see more


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