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Treasure Steel's Mind Bomb!


Funt Solo:
In the Treasure Steel two-parter "Fast Forward" (megs 3.34 & 3.35 in 1997) a psi-perp plants a mind-bomb in Treasure's heid, foreshadowing something (a covert op?) named Janus.

Additionally, the (big bunches and goggles) assassin from the one-off Culling Crew (JD Mega-Special '94) is lurking in the background.

Query: did Armitage ever do a storyline surrounding a Janus-named plot, and did Treasure ever have her mind bomb triggered?

Possibly in one of the Virgin novels?
There was a later story - the Mancunian Candidate - which involved hidden stuff from Treasure Steel's past, but I don't think it mentioned a mind-bomb, but might involve Janus? Certainly there's a shady lady with round glasses and a Dave Stone prescribed haircut. Culling Crew bunches lady turns up again occasionally, although I confess I struggle to tell her apart from the autopsy lady and the computer hacker lady that Armitage also hangs out with as the plot dictates.


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