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Prog 2285: Royal Blood

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Dredd – pretty predictable so far.  Nothing that stands out as a surprise.  Question then is how the finale pans out.  Is Asher going to be written off as a character or will Niemand pull out some last minute twist?  Well, enjoyable as it has been …

Terror Tales: Wunza – lot of effort for the final pun but not the worst we’ve seen in a while and certainly better than last week’s FS. 

Hope: In the Shadows – another episode that doesn’t really go too far.  Where is this tale going?  If that’s a question that needs asking then that is not a good sign.  Sorry.

Brink – another talking heads episode but starting to tie together with previous threads.  A lot of this run has linked back to the very first run, few more than this though.  There is a sense though of foreboding.  Revelations of the sort trotted out here pretty much always end up with a body count.

Fiends of the Eastern Front: 1963 – should really be retitled “Fiends of the Eastern Front – hope you haven’t read Stross’ Laundry Novels.”  Trevallion on art has definitely been the redeeming aspect of this run.  Previous runs that have dug into the back-story of Constanta worked far better.  Setting up a future scrap between Constanta and Dee …  Maybe we’ll be surprised?

The last few progs have seen a bit of a dip in quality, haven’t they?  More mediocre than hideous, certainly.  That said, there are strips and writers here that have delivered far better in the past.  There is a sense of predictability, recycling of old tropes or a general lack of coherence. 

Then again this is not completely surprising.  Not to mention that the highs of the prog set incredibly exacting standards.  Artistically the prog is faultless right now.  In terms of writing though it is not exactly the top of these writers’ games …

On the positive side, it's about 2 days earlier than I expected given the jubilee boll**s ...

Cover by Tiernen Trevallion:

Cover and Logo:

Cover by Tiernen Trevallion:

Last weeks prog felt a little flat, but a week can make a big difference or not. The covers that Tiernen did for Fiends are just plain awesome and this week’s cover is also another great example of how to do a cover.

Dredd – The Honest Man continues to be a great Dredd story. This round it focuses more on the action and ends with our protagonist meeting “The Law”. So far it has been my favorite Dredd story of the year. Great from the creative team.

Terror – Another one of those shorts which is not bad but nothing new. More off a ”been there, done that (got the t-shirt)” story.

Hope – What a creepy and horrifying episode. Although the plot is moving slowly forward the suspense is high and the intrigue of what is next makes me come back for more.

Brink – This episode solely focusses on one conversation. This conversation starts tying the lose ends and bringing the previous books plot-points to the front. Are we heading for the end game here or are Dabnett just playing with us?

Fiends – Interesting ending to this arc. The world that Edginton created is so vaster than the original with and spiced with more mysticism.


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