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Prog 2288: Law versus Claw

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A pretty good prog - probably my favourite of the year so far.

Having said that, there's a narrowness in the range of styles to both the writing and art which I think is a shame and doesn't play to 2000AD's strength as an anthology. This is probably more noticeable in the art. What excited me as a young reader was that you could have "realistic" artists like Smith or Bolland rubbing shoulders with more "cartoony" artists like Gibson or even highly stylised artists such as O'Neill or Belardinelli. With the writers also seeming to be be making more of the visual potential of comics than I think the prog has done recently, there are some scenes which seem to be crying out for a Weston or a Flint to really bring their full imagination to. That said, all the artists are fine.

Cover: Fine but, as all the regened covers seem to have Cadet Dredd beating up something non-human, nothing special. Would like to see one of the other characters on the cover for a change.

Cadet Dredd. I'm not a fan of the cadet version of Dredd. It's kind of patronising to the regened readers in suggesting that they couldn't handle an adult version of Dredd. Having said that, this is one of the better tales, some neat ideas and a lot of fun.

Lowborn High. There's an odd opening page which I guess serves to connect this episode to others in an arc but which has no connection to anything else. Once that's gone, the story itself is well told and avoids the cliche ending. I do wonder why I'm supposed to root for the main guy though. It's an odd thing to go from watching the news and finding new ways to hate the current P.M. to reading a story where a character who shares so many of his traits is the hero.

Future Shock - there's a neat little universe here which would make a neat series.

Scooter and Jinx - I couldn't recall the set-up for this series? What do the characters do? What kind of creatures are they? Made it difficult to get into the story at first without knowing/recalling these things.

Pandora Perfect - Definite highlight. There's a real craft here in that any of the Pandora stories could have been the pilot episode with everything a new reader needs to know being effortlessly introduced whilst also telling a fast-paced, inventive and humorous story. The characters are very likeable and, in the classic 2000ad way, are not traditional heroes but will do the right thing if need be. Would love to see this take up a semi-permanent residency made up of short tales just Robo-Hunter or Ace Trucking used to.

Cover by Peter Yong:

Cover and Logo:

Funt Solo:
Might be cool to see a different character on the cover of a Regened. Or maybe a montage?

I’ve no direct insight into Rebellion’s reasoning, but I imagine the Dredd covers are for recognition. That and the old logo will snare parents of a certain age, in a manner some random bunch of schoolkids or Pandora would not.


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