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Leigh S:
Small piece in the Times today saying that Sean Connery has signed up to play Quartermain in the LOEG film.  No mention of Alan Moore or it's comic book origins.  Wonder oif they still want to ditch half the cast and put in Tom Sawyer!!  Dear God, please do not let this film come to pass....

Leigh S:
Actually, LOEG would make perfect reprint material for the Beyond 2000 slot - pity it's so unlikely.

Hello 'he that watches'

Is the League any good?  I haven't read any moore since small killing.  It sounds a bit like a kim newman anno dracula novel, with all the different vitorian characters in.  What is moore's other stuff like?  Is it as good as it used to be?

Of course it's unlikely. That's the whole point :)

It's flippin's excellent, IMHO, anyway. Not too worried about a film. If it comes to pass, it comes to pass. You've still got the comics, right? Que sera, sera.

Even Moore's worst work is still worth reading, but "LOEG" is far from his worst, it's good honest adventure-story fun with beautiful Kevin O'Neill art (or should that be Kevin Flint? ;-))
The first series can be bought as a collected volume and is recommended, the second series isn't out yet but I think it concerns  invasion from Mars!
All the other series Moore is writing for ABC comics are very good, my personal favourite being Top 10 - a kind of Hill Street Blues in a city where everyone has superpowers, not just the heroes and villains.
Tomorrow Stories is  anthology format and features Greyshirt  - a hero in the style of Eisner's The Spirit, First American -  a broad superhero parody, The Cobweb - an erotic costumed detective and  Jack B Quick - a child genius inventor.  Jack B Quick is probably the closest in flavour to Moore's early 2000AD stuff, a tiny bit like Abelard Snazz but more a series of Future Shock sci-fi ideas in Rockwellian rural America.
Tom Strong is a nostalgic superhero comic, a straightforward Fifties-style science hero with old fashioned morals and a gorilla butler (before that mediocre DeMarco strip in the Megazine).
Promethea is about myths and I stopped reading it because it came out so erratically (a problem with all the ABC stuff) and I wasn't keen on the art.
The Lost Girls will finally be out soon, but if you thought pubic crabs was too rude you probably won't be buying that!



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