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Anyone who liked Ghost World or Crumb should check out American Splendor,the story of Harvey Pekar, the comics writer who pretty much singlehandedly invented autobiographical comics where nothing much happened, and it's fucking great. Paul Giamatti really makes it- he has this brilliant sneer of contempt that he flashes at just about anything that crosses his path as he goes about his introverted, grotty life. It's worth going to see for the scene where his mate takes him to see Revenge of the Nerds alone.

Yeah I'm hoping to see this at some point, it's not on at many places though.

Yeah, I've a  suspicion its going to be one to catch on DVD for most people outside of london. Still, worth checking for it at regional arts theatres etc... etc...

looking forward to this.

Pekar is a huge talent, and it seems like the film may be fun too.


It is on in the Cameo in Edinburgh for any one interested. I have not seen it myself yet but I intend to.


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