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Creative Common / Dredd Helmet Paint Job
« on: 14 March, 2017, 11:25:55 PM »
I've just posted this over on Facebook, but thought it might be worth getting some tips on the forum too. First time i've ever painted up anything like this, so its all new to me...

I bought this fibreglass Dredd helmet off a guy on eBay, and wondering where to start with it. I guess the first thing is to trim away all the excess bits round the edges. Anyone recommend the best tools to use before i just delve in and balls it all up?

Creative Common / My newish Webcomic
« on: 29 July, 2016, 02:34:19 PM »
Hi Folks,

I've been working on my webcomic for 15 weeks now (it's a slow process as I only upload one new page a week - although completing one page a week is pretty good going for me!). I'm hoping it'll be of interest to some folks on here, and obviously I'd like to reach as many folks as possible, so if you like it please share. Also, if you know anyone who might review such things on the internet, I'd be eternally grateful if you could pass it on or post some details here.

At the very least, enjoy a few pages of free comics. Link below.

I'm hoping to put together a print version when it's finally completed.




Classifieds / Ian Gibson / Dylan Teague pages for sale
« on: 18 May, 2016, 07:51:54 PM »

Classifieds / Ebay sale, or 'Please help Fund My Convention Trips 2016'
« on: 26 February, 2016, 08:39:56 AM »

I have a few 2000ad related things up on Ebay at the minute, all in an attempt to get some finances together for various convention trips this year. Please take a look and see if there's anything of interest :-)



Creative Common / Abominable Glory...(or pimping my graphic novel)
« on: 04 July, 2015, 10:00:17 PM »
Hello all,

Back in March my first graphic novel from Markosia was published and unleashed at the London Super Comic Con. It's written by Martin Hayes, with art by my good self and designed and lettered by Bram Meehan. And it's got a lovely cover by the talented Matt Soffe.

Brief synopsis -

WWII, the Himalayas. The British Commandos knew that extracting the Japanese spy would be difficult, but they thought the German Paratroopers would be the most monstrous thing they'd have to face. Find out how wrong they were in this tale of blood and bullets, monsters and madmen, and bravery beyond belief.

It can be purchased from numerous online stores, or from the Markosia site itself, and you may even spot it at the odd con. Currently Amazon have it for around £6 (plus p&p) for a physical copy, and £2.59 for digital.


We've got a small promo running over on the Facebook page at the minute, where you can pick up a mini art card featuring original art from the book, if you've already purchased a copy.


Thanks for reading.



Help! / Digital Download Issues
« on: 13 April, 2015, 09:45:29 PM »
Bought a copy of the Meg from the digital store but it won't download to either my Kindle Fire or Mac. All I get is a '500 Internal Server Error'. Previously worked fine when I downloaded a couple of progs over the last couple of weeks. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Andy at the store says he tested it his side with no problems so could it be a problem on my side?

Classifieds / Zarjaz, Dogbreath, Future Quake issues for sale
« on: 22 February, 2015, 04:02:56 PM »
Having a bit of a clear out and trying to get some funds together, so have the following issues for sale -

Zarjaz 3, 4, 8, 11,12, 16
Dogbreath 17, 25 (25 has some slight damage to the cover where the print has come away)
Future Quake 1

Also, The Man Who Learnt To Fly 1 - 3 (Frazer Irving pre-2000ad small press comic)

Make me an offer if interested.

Off Topic / Advice needed for buying a new pc!
« on: 15 February, 2013, 01:47:38 PM »
Looking at buying a new PC, and was hoping someone might offer a bit of advice.

My current PC is about 7 years old, uses windows XP, 2GB ram with a 140GB hard drive, and a Pentium 4 processor (3.06ghz). At the minute, pretty much everything i use - Photoshop, web browsing, Youtube, etc -  is causing the whole system to grind to a halt.

For cost reasons I can only really go for something low end - would go for a Mac if price was no issue, but there you go. Also, the wife needs a new one too, so going to have to pay out for two at the same time.

So, this is the machine I'm looking at -


This is the price range I'm looking at. The 8GB of ram is what caught my attention, and I think the 500gb hard drive will just about do. Not sure about the processor - can anyone tell me much about that? Also, will I struggle with Windows 8, after using XP for the last 7 years?

Think that's about it. Any advice much appreciated. Won't be using the PC for any gaming - really just web browsing and artwork. I've done a bit of research elsewhere, but still very unsure.

Help! / Harlem Heroes / Inferno Query
« on: 14 July, 2012, 10:25:25 PM »
Hoping that someone can help me out with this, as my mind isn't clear on the story any more and I no longer have the progs to check for myself -

How did Artie Gruber meet his end in Inferno, and did he ever return after?

Any info will be much appreciated.



Off Topic / Copy of Robo-Hunter Verdus for anyone who wants it.
« on: 17 June, 2012, 10:38:41 PM »
As it says in the Subject line - I've got this copy of the Robo-Hunter Verdus book going free to anyone who wants it. I've just picked up the Droid Files book, making this edition redundant on my bookshelf (plus it was free in a subscriber giveaway, so I'm quite happy to pass it on for free).

Anyone wants it, send me a PM.

Film & TV / Adventure Time
« on: 18 March, 2012, 07:50:52 PM »
Anyone seen this crazy f**ked-up show on the Cartoon Network? Funniest thng I've watched in ages. Cottoned on to it by accident when the kids were watching it and I think I found it funnier than they did. Fast becoming 'must-watch ' tv.


Games / Crimson Alliance free on Xbox Live
« on: 10 September, 2011, 12:19:50 AM »
Thought I'd give this a quick mention, as they don't seem to be making much of a big thing about it on Xbox Live and I only stumbled across it by accident, but you can download the full game of Crimson Alliance right now. Don't know how long it's on for, or even if it's any good, but it's FREE!

Other Reviews / The Art Of Brian Bolland
« on: 08 June, 2011, 08:41:04 PM »
Don't know if there is already a thread about this anywhere, and it's not much of a review, but I got a copy of The Art Of Brian Bolland today and it really is bloody amazing. Absolutely packed with gorgeous artwork, and it's about the size of a concrete slab. Massive. Currently going for about £25 on Amazon, which is more than I'd normally spend on that kind of thing, but looking at it today I reckon it's worth every last penny.

Off Topic / Dan Dare's Jocelyn Peabody images required
« on: 01 May, 2011, 12:31:50 PM »
I need some images to use as reference for the Weekly TAB - a variety of poses would be nice. Can anyone help, or point me in the right direction?



Creative Common / New group art blog now up!
« on: 28 February, 2011, 10:16:08 PM »
The group art blog (currently titled, rather imaginatively, The Weekly Themed Art Blog or Weekly TAB for short) is now up and running. Expect to see some contributions from regular boarders on here very soon.


At the minute it all looks a bit bare-boned but comments gratefully received, and don't forget to follow us!

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