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Mr D:
Seriously.... Some of these people sound a little surprised that this sucks complete kitty bum.

Was it not obvious??

It has sod-bloody-all to do with any comic ever made (save the Batman related 'Catwoman' name) and doesn't feature Selina Kyle, but Halle Berry as Patience Prince fighting a perfume company.

Movie Reviews: 'Catwoman'
A kitty litter box may seem more aromatic than most of the critical reaction to Catwoman. "Hisses for Catwoman" is the way Claudia Puig begins her review in USA Today. "The cats of the world will get over this insult. Most likely by sleeping through it," writes A.O. Scott in the New York Times. Likewise Jami Bernard in the New York Daily News sums up the movie by calling it a "big yawn." "What a letdown," writes Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times. "The filmmakers have given great thought to photographing [Halle] Berry, who looks fabulous, and little thought to providing her with a strong character, story, supporting characters or action sequences." Rick Groen's summation in the Toronto Globe and Mail: "Halle Berry's super slinky; Catwoman, rather stinky." Lisa Kennedy in the Denver Post describes it as a "purrfectly bad, bloated ... laughable disaster." But the dependably contrarian Kevin Thomas in the Los Angeles Times writes that the movie "is as swift and light on its feet as its heroine, Halle Berry. ... stylish and full of technical razzle-dazzle."

Devons Daddy:
so not looking to bright this one then?

pity really halle berry normally makes decent movies.
though i was surprised she took on a second comic book movie first. then i heard it was only the name.not the plot or the character which was comic based.

did anybody ever doubt that this would suck?

warners movies do for dc comics what the black death did for european tourism

It's been scripted as a campfest along the lines of Batman and Robin, but it's shot as a Daredevil clone if anything - it even has that bit where Matt Murdock/Electra have a good-natured sparring session in a playground, except this time, it's basketball instead of fisticuffs.
There's a half-decent fight in a jeweller's shop, but once the costume's on, it's just an awful movie all the way to the ending credits.
Try to imagine Daredevil gone horribly wrong - if you didn't like Daredevil, you DEFINATELY won't like this, and if you DID like Daredevil, you still won't like this.
Not the worst movie ever made, just not a good film.  I'd go into a bit more detail, but the Bourne Identity's just started, and I've never seen it before.  Hope it's good.

Mr D:
It is! Damon and the fast pace hold it together well... I'm told similar is true of BOURNE SUPREMACY


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