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Yeah, I liked it.  Bit unoriginal, but what isn't these days?  Thought Damon could've been a bit more commanding in the role, but he pulled it off well.

Mr D:
The books are pretty good too. I liked the books and thought it was a nice screen translation. The third and final novel is called The Bourne Ultimatum, which doesn't roll off the tongue nearly so well...

Saw the ad for catwoman the other day whilst waiting to see spidey 2 (which was bloody ace), was frankly appalled at the trailer i saw and thought that someone at warner bros. definately needs horse whipping allowing this shite to get released.

Bloody annoys me that crap like this gets made whilst the proposed dredd film gets passed around and ignored.

Surely some talented film maker out there could bring the big man to the screen and do a decent job?

Mr C:
Because most films are made with focus groups and board members in mind, rather than the idea tht they're perhaps meant to entertain the people who wpuld actually go and watch the film.

Actually, the Catwoman film was shown to focus groups and test audiences to gauge what needed to be changed about the film, but it's already been aknowledged that the producers discarded ALL the negative criticisms from the test showings, and only aknowledged the positive responses to the film.
Make of that what you will.


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