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Hi folks - I noticed HMV had Swamp Thing on DVD for about ?6.

Is it worthy, or is it a League of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen?

The Amstor Computer:
It's a bit of a stinker. Leave it & wait for the release of GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING!


Odders, if you want to watch a TRUE B movie classic, then go for it.

The amount of Ham on show is the scariest thing in the film.

I loved it when I watched it, about 16 yrs ago.


Lost property

It's pretty dismal, but it's still better than the godawful LXG. Directed by Wes (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET / SCREAM) Craven.

Also: Adrienne Barbeau out of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK!


Am I imagining this (possibly) but I recall watching the SWAMP THING movie and being a bit bored and then all of a sudden loads of topless birds appear in it.  It was amost as if the producer/director thought "Twenty minutes to go, I think we might be losing the audience, quick, get your tits out!"

If anyone has any pictures to back up this, they could always post them on the Famke Jansen Underwear thread.


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