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Cronik-als of Ribbit. What the??

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Last of the V8's:
Just seen Chronicles of Riddick a visually stupendous movie,very Mark Harrison.
But what the f*&k is going on.
I hardly understood a word of it????

Have u seen Pitch Black? That'll help with some of the background on characters etc.
I've just got back from seeing it and I think it has been treated unfairly, not just by the "mainstream" journalists but by sci fi mags etc as well. I think all involved did really well to get all of that up on screen, if the promised sequels don't materialise we'll never see it's like again. Yeah, it wasn't particularly original but what is these days ?? (apart from the rather nifty little horror script i've been working on all week, aspiring directors please contact me!)

Leigh S:
Its really getting a slating isnt it?   Is it really that bad?  I kind of enjoyed Pitch Black (being one of the 5 peolpe who actually saw it in the cinema) and was kind of interested in seeing this, but the neg vibes are strong....

Mr D:
I liked it! Riddick is an excellent character and Twohy has made some really nifty films in his career.

Generally Contrary:
It was like a Metabaron film.  Which is a good thing, and a bad thing.

Excellent visuals...

I actually preferred it to I, Robert. I... pretended to be a thoughtful film at points, and then didn't explore any of the decent questions it promised to raise.  Rabbit, on the other hand, was a simple action adventure.


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