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Anyone seen Hellboy yet ?

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I'm planning on seeing it soon, was wondering if any of you have seen it already, what do you think of.
It must be quite good, everybody from Metal Hammer (not mine, my bruv's. I am no Goth Rocker) to The Guardian think it's great. Hell even the Mail says it's good, despite "Making light of Satanism" Oooh ! Evil film !  LOL  

Awesome! Seen it on pirate, bought the Region 1 DVD, going to the cinema as well. Brilliant film!

Generally Contrary:
I thought it was good.  I've been to see loads of films recently.  Better than Chronicles of Riddick, better than I, Robot, perhaps on a par, perhaps slightly better than Spider-man 2, certainly no where near as good as DODGEBALL!

I saw it on pirate VCD a while ago...


I'm a massive Hellboy fan, and I thought it did the comics justice. Ron Pearlman was made to be Hellboy, though I have to say Abe was my favourite.

It's a very good comic-book movie.  Recommended.


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