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 In the Spectator of 4 September, Mark Steyn does quite a good review of Hellboy. You can read the whole thing on the link below.
 He says
 When popular culture gets more arty, it often gets more self-referential: that’s what happened in musicals and westerns, and my sense is that it’s happened in comic books, too. The folks who created Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain America just got on with it. Sixty years later, it all seems to have a hard time crawling out under the weight of everything that’s gone before. On the page, you can get away with it. But once you put it up on the big screen it can easily seem tired and formulaic
  I think he has a point here. However, he likes the movie because Perlman is perfect and
- way it understands that you can have energy in the stillest moments – like Hellboy and some nine-year old kid he’s bumped into on the roof of a building, just sitting yakking about stuff,
 here again he has a point - I liked that scene. He also likes the female lead and the movie`s pace. I loathe Steyn`s politics but when he`s in good form, his movie reviews are terrificLink: A pretty funny read

I read a reviewin, I think, The Times that basicly went the lines of "This is genre shit, I actyually found it suprisingly enjoyable but still genre shit, so one star out of five".

Generally Contrary:
Gahh!  I wish you hadn't pointed me in the direction of Mark Steyn.  I'm now so angry...

I saw it last night.  Liked it, with the following exceptions -


- blimey, you didn't half get sick of those demon hound things.  By the time they came on for their third fight with Hellboy, it was "haven't we done all this already?"

- Liz was a bit crap, wasn't she?

- the end was pretty anti-climactic.  And Men In Black already did the 'getting swallowed by the monster and blowing it up from inside' thing.  Oh yeah, and why didn't the bad guys kill Mayers instead of chaining him up so he could help Hellboy at the vital moment?

I know im repeating myself a bit, but.....








...that scene fairly near the end when Hellboy and that government bloke who doesnt like Hellboy are both stuck on the bridge thats falling to bits. The editing is absolutely dire, (see how long it takes for the sliding door to close), and then suddenly the government bloke thinks Hellboy is great and calls him 'son', or something like that. Incredibly poor film-making and character sub-plot.

Thats not the only scene that pissed me off, but its the one i hate the most!

Essentially though, the film is still great fun, so please dont let a miserable whiner like me put you off seeing it!



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