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Lazarus Churchyard


Jeff Tiley:
Can anyone tell me how long we will be subjected to this in the Megazine? It wasn't very good in 1991 and it's even worse 10 years later.
Suggestions for the reprint slot?
The Last American; Bloody Mary; Green Candles; History Of Violence; Pride & Joy; Tattered Banners; Scene Of The Crime; Human Target; Outcasts (Classic Wagner/Grant/Kennedy);Ministry Of Space (Not all Ellis stuff is bad, I rate Transmet highly as well, but as ongoing series it's far too long to go in the reprint slot). What is editorials relationship with DC like nowadays? Would they be up for any of the above?

W. R. Logan:
You'll be glad to hear the that was the last reprint of Lazarus Churchyard.

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La Placa Rifa,
W. R. Logan.

Something Fishy:
Thank the lord for that.

I hated it, it is truly awful,


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