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(Beyond 2000) Reprint some stuff from Warrior! or maybe Deadline!

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OK, so nobody's really sure who owns Marvel/Miracleman and V's been reprinted by DC...

But what about Axel Pressbutton? BoJeffries? Warpsmith? Big Ben? Other stuff? Doesn't Dez Skinn still own the copyright for those?

And what about stuff from Deadline? Like Johnny Nemo? Early Tank Girl? Budgie Boy? or (my all time favourite) Planet Swerve?

Or... how about stuff from Milligan and McCarthy's Strange Days, like Freakwave, or Paradax?

Or they could reprint the Last American...

There are tons of cool comics by British creators - most of whom have worked for 2000AD, which just haven't been seen for years and years and years...Link: john heron project


Kopper Keen!
Shudder & Twitch!
Mirkin the Mystic!

Paradax for the Meg!


I detect somebody else who's read it... And I thought I was alone... :)Link: john heron project

I believe a certain Mr Flint is also championing the Paradax cause!


The Last American would be great to see again.

One of wagner & Grant's best & most undervalued pieces of work.  Not to be read if you;re ever feeling a bit down and are looking for something to cheer yourself up, though...


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