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Colin YNWA:
Fantastic conversation - so engaging I kept wanting to interrupt and say - Arh but doesn't that exclude this, and what about such and such. But lovely stuff.

If anyone is tempted to learn more about DD - after all his is probably (well definiately?) the best American Superhero comic for  number of fantastic runs per issue count - just so much good stuff, I've provide the correct (ahem) order of quality of the various 'big' runs - worth noting I've not read the current run yet but hear amazing things about it.

--- Quote ---Nocenti > Waid >>> Bendis > Brubaker > Miller + Janson* >>>> everything else

*[Normalfontsize] I'm excluding 'Born Again' here as its possibly the best DD story ever but at only 7 issues I don't think it counts as a 'run' and brilliant as it is I don't want to add it to this big run as it'd muddy the waters. [/Normalfontsize]
--- End quote ---

This comes from one of my fav threads here - 'Daredevil fans in the house?'


Where amongst many wonderful thoughts and opinions on ol' Horn Head you can see me justify - in excruciating detail - why the Nocenti run is the very, very best!

Eamonn Clarke:
Cheers, guys. Glad the detour into American comics hasn’t gone down too badly.
Some more Slaine coming up next week

Eamonn Clarke:

Jordan Thomas joins the book club to discuss Demon Killer and the writing of Pat Mills and Glenn Fabry's artwork. And check out Jordan's own comics at https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/burntbarncomics/created

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Eamonn Clarke:

Two Glenn Fabry grail pages for Jordan

Eamonn Clarke:

Brian Doob from the British Invaders podcast takes me on an interesting tangent into a nice collection from Diana comic of Steed and Mrs Peel stories from the early 1960s.
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