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Thanks all.

Catching up with the highlights has been great. Getting pretty much all of Strontium dog and Nemesis was the initial draw, but I'd also heard great things about Nicolai Dante so I'm looking forward to reading that all the way through.

I have to admit I was truly stoked to see that a Tyranny rex volume will be in the extension. Something about John Smith's writing demands re-reads - maybe all the leaving threads and hints at a messy broader world.

I know nothing about the red seas but I love Steve Yeowells art. That will be all new to me.

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Thanks a bunch, IP! You've ruined my whole "PayPal me a fiver and I'll see what I can do" scam.

Clearly, you should have paid me a tenner via PayPal to ensure the continued survival of your nefarious scheme.

You guys can always have a fiver from my currency that is about 22p


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