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--- Quote from: BPP on 05 August, 2021, 09:27:09 AM ---Let’s say if it was McMahon I’d be raiding my penny jar despite 150 being a absolute wedge of cash.
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Wouldn’t surprise me to see Rebellion doing the same for the McMahon equivalent that’s coming down the pipe.

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Yeah looking at this I realised I'd not bought similar volumes for Eisner, Jeff Smith's Bone or David Mazzucchelli's Born Again, so I couldn't justify going for this.

Now if that McMahon volume ever came to light that would be a MUCH harder question...

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I was contacted about a McMahon Apex edition currently being put together, but when I told them what the two pages of his work that I owned where, they lost interest. Probably because they where ABC Warriors and Ro-Busters pages and not Judge Dredd.


--- Quote from: seanharry on 06 August, 2021, 11:24:47 PM ---Probably because they where ABC Warriors and Ro-Busters pages and not Judge Dredd.

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That makes me sad — Mick's work on the Fall and Rise of Ro-Jaws and Hammerstein, especially, is a very significant point in his artistic evolution. His work was very 'brushy' for much of the period prior, but his self-expressed desire to compete with Kev O'Neill led him into a much harder, sharper pen-based line that's informed most of his work since then. For me, that Ro-Busters series, followed by his work on ABC Warriors, was the point where Mick's work 'clicked' for me, and I was prepared to follow him wherever he wanted to go in developing his style.

Colin YNWA:
Firstly YAH! If a Mike McMahon volume is being prepared, but I agree it would be a shame if they focused on Dredd and Slaine (one assumes) it would be great to see a variety of his work.

It would also be nice to see his work from across his career. I love McMahon's work thoughout his career and would love to see some of his later work included (if its not digital???) and not just his so called 'classic' stuff.

I ordered the standard i.e. the non slipcase edition today. Didn’t see any comms from Rebellion that this version is now on sale. Thinking about it, it has been for a while, it just didn’t register with me that this was the non slipcase edition.

BTW it’s a tenner for p&p!

Also the slop case editor no loner seems to be on the 2000AD web shop.

On the Brian Bolland appreciation Facebook page he reports someone his selling one of his stolen pages from The Cursed Earth saga.Also a cover for a certain comics anniversary.


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