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Dreadnoughts: Breaking Ground — Webshop Exclusive Hardcover

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Barrington Boots:
I didn't read this in the Meg but have been watching you guys getting excited over it month on month. This cover is glorious and seals the deal for me. Preordering!

Dash Decent:
I actually prefer the cover on the softback so they haven't got me this time, but I really like the use of Ol' Stony Font for the title on the spine.

There's obviously a market for these limited edition hardback versions.

Rebellion seem to have finally woken up to that fact.  Probably helps that its a limited preorder run so they don't have any waste.  Personally I prefer the hardback format.  Always annoyed me that they never finished off the 2012 Dredd-movie-world series in hardback.

Just got mine. Looks lovely. Has that slightly fragile feel of thin Rebellion HCs (and thinnish paper), but I’m glad to have this one in HC format.

Trooper McFad:
Mine drop through the door on Saturday well packed and defo prefer the HCs.
I’m not one for reading the Megs but love getting the collect trades. So reading this was a treat and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to volume 2 ( as long as it’s HC and the same size👍🏻)


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