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Colin YNWA:
Well that's a lovely cover, all be it with a clunky tag line! Inside we're in good order as well.

Dredd villains put the gang together, Dredd prepares for a chat and Maitland dodges a bullet. Set up, but cut to the action by the end. Nice enough.

Damn the subs freebies on the page after Dredd - some of the best yet - a facsimile of Prog 0 (the proposal Prog). I don't quite qualify but damn this is tempting!

Diaboliks like Dredd quickly puts pieces into place and its an intriguing place and look forward to this moving forward.

Then a nice Tharg Star Scan by David Millgate.

Now Scarlet Traces was an ace. It too was a set up and if I'm honest I started this with a bit of dread, but quite remembering were we are up to... but this one does it all, recaps, sets the scene and moves us onto the next phase of things, but you don't notice the mechanics at work. D'israeli delightfully realising Edginton's trippy start and hellish ending. Wonderful stuff and worries quickly dismissed.

As they were with Anderson one off Anderson's of late haven't always ticked the boxes but this one works perfectly Maura McHugh keeps it self contained, but moves things into place for the next phase of her story. Okay so maybe not self contained with that cliffhanger but it works as an episode and I'm already hankering for what comes next. Lee Carter has switched some buttons on his dial and his colour and tone work the dark atmosphere perfectly. Loved this one, to my surprise if I'm honest.

Pandora Perfect - Mystery Moon again masters the set up trick really well. it gives us a frothy intro to the character, a cheeky double cross and an offer for what's to come. This is just perfect fun.

Okay Chris Western I know this was a Future Shock driven by the pun at the end BUT when you present it like that - come on don't leave us hangin' Lone Wolf and Grub is a series you could make work. A star child take on the classic. Get ya writing cap on and don't leave this as a silly gag.

And we go out with The Out and it gets us up to speed and like others sets up what to come perfectly well. Its a great opener but as some of the other wears it mechanics on it sleeves - mind when the sleeves are suich glorious out on the rim colours colliding wonders who cares what mechanics they expose. Super excited by this one.

So yeah if latest weeks Prog was a real let down this one shows just how quickly the Prog can bounce back and the thrill ride being an avid follower of Tharg can be. Just a fantastic comic.

Cover by Mick McMahon:

Cover and Logo:


--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 18 September, 2021, 06:02:46 PM ---Well that's a lovely cover, all be it with a clunky tag line!

--- End quote ---

How to crap on a classic cover, the font droid opts to choose four different type settings and the one at the bottom is a ripe old stinker!

Dredd picks up threads from previous Rob Williams stories and I like how Joe casually asks for a chat in a rather awkward but sweet way.

Always great to see the team behind Scarlet Traces return, nudging my Stickleback memories and thoughts towards a hopeful return of the Baker Street misfit.

Hallelujah! It’s the APNIAMOFJOP*. Although being a digital subscriber pleb, I haven’t got mine yet.

But on the subject of APNIAMOFJOPs, does anyone have a favourite APNIAMOFJOP from the many APNIAMOFJOPS there have been throughout the years? When was the first modern-day APNIAMOFJOP? I bet Funt Solo knows. And if I keep writing APNIAMOFJOP can I make APNIAMOFJOP the canonical term for APNIAMOFJOPS?

* Annual Prog Number Is A Multiple of Fifty Jump On Prog


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