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Prog 2250 - Get zapped to the future with the Galaxy's Greatest Comic

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norton canes:

--- Quote from: Funt Solo on 28 September, 2021, 01:56:10 PM ---I'm not really following the argument that Anderson is all used up as a character, any more than (say) Dredd, or Slaine, or Alpha

--- End quote ---

Maybe they need to ditch all this portentous stuff and write her in a knockabout style like Pandora Perfect. I mean that was her original schtick back in the first two Judge Death stories.

Very late to the party but I thought that was a cracking prog where every strip had something in it to float my boat.

I think when I end up seven weeks behind it's probably a reflection on the previous run of stories rather than the current ones starting. So I am looking forward to devouring this lot of tales in a concentrated burst.

As a loyal, fellow Squaxx, Tiplodocus, I feel duty-bound to remind you to take all of the necessary precautions against Thrill-Power Overload.  :)

Funt Solo:

--- Quote from: MumboJimbo on 19 September, 2021, 09:33:19 PM ---Hallelujah! It’s the APNIAMOFJOP*. Although being a digital subscriber pleb, I haven’t got mine yet.

But on the subject of APNIAMOFJOPs, does anyone have a favourite APNIAMOFJOP from the many APNIAMOFJOPS there have been throughout the years? When was the first modern-day APNIAMOFJOP? I bet Funt Solo knows. And if I keep writing APNIAMOFJOP can I make APNIAMOFJOP the canonical term for APNIAMOFJOPS?

* Annual Prog Number Is A Multiple of Fifty Jump On Prog

--- End quote ---

Come on! Nobody would be tracking data that esoteric.

This has made me so happy 😁- an early Christmas prez! Thanks Funt and your wonderful data scraping


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