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Prog 2250 - Get zapped to the future with the Galaxy's Greatest Comic

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I even made it pronounceable- Apnia, as in sleep apnea; Mof as in Grand Moff Tarkin; Jop as in Janice Joplin - stick it all together and you have APNIAMOFJOP. Simple

I hope it catches on!

In Anderson, can anyone remember if we've seen Judge Falzon before?

Future Shock - one for the ‘over my head’ thread, I think. Wot? Can someone explain please?

Seriously?  I thought it was a hell of a lot of effort for a rather painful pun myself.


Thanks for the reference, Tjm. Never heard of it, but then again I know virtually nothing about Manga. I’m one of those people who pays hardly any attention to comix unconnected with 2000AD.


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