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reviewing stories: Pandora Perfect - "Mystery Moon"


A thread for an ongoing story starting in the latest jumping-on progs, as explained here.

Pandora Perfect - "Mystery Moon"
script droid: Roger Langridge
art droid: Brett Parson
lettering droid: Simon Bowland

So like, Pandora Perfect is fun, I especially like the art, but why is it that 2000AD is obsessed with lead female characters who are thieves? At least she's not a redhead this time...

I wonder what the breakdown of (say) 21st century female leads would be like in that respect? 

The Out and Brink don't have thieves as their leads, neither does Jaegir.  When did Rose O'Rion debut?

Of course, Diamond Distribution have conspired so that I can't actually add to this thread in any meaningful way this week :-(

I mean, when you put it like that, with hard facts and all, I can't really argue! Rose O'Rion was definitely 90s. Synnamon was 21st century I think? And maybe not technically a thief, but her stories were basically all techno heists. Maze Dumoir was also a spy rather than a thief, I think? But again pretty heist-y.

Prog 2250, with 4 out of 7 stories having female leads, is as positive a step as one can ask for in terms of balacning the sexes. (And yes, demon Jenny IS the lead Diabolik - at least, in that episode). So if it sounds like I was complaining, just tell me to shut up.


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