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Off Topic / Re: Debating online? You’d better read this.
« on: 25 July, 2021, 10:44:02 PM »
Jesus, man. Just fucking stop.

Off Topic / Re: Back to the Office
« on: 24 July, 2021, 12:09:04 PM »
Tiplodocus: your company sounds like a case study for how to reframe office work. If it pulls this off, it will be well positioned for the future and surely have relatively strong staff retention. Good to hear some folks are getting this right.

If enough companies break rank from the "back to the office, plebs" push then there may be no putting this genie back in its bottle — people, like my wife who's worked for the same company for the last decade, will leave companies that insist on a return to The Old Ways™ and look for jobs with companies that aren't dicks about this stuff. Faced with the prospect of haemorrhaging skilled, trained staff or just letting the poor bastards carry on working from their dining room table, I think a number of those companies might relent.

Off Topic / Re: Back to the Office
« on: 23 July, 2021, 11:35:51 AM »
I was directing my concerns more at the lack of general care from society at large and absolutely at the government for failing to enforce any appropriate and mandatory reimbursement for the risk incurred.

I completely agree. What this pandemic has highlighted is pivotal role huge numbers of traditionally underpaid and underappreciated workers in multiple sectors play in keeping what we think of as society functioning. In a better world, they'd all be paid like princes, but people keeping voting in the fucking Tories. :(

Off Topic / Re: Back to the Office
« on: 23 July, 2021, 10:53:07 AM »
What perk can we expect to receive for the added risk and continued daily grind while other industries offer some form of safety net, both financially and from the virus?

That's a question you'd have to ask your employers. I know it seems unfair, but "Because we've got a shitty deal, everyone else should have to deal with the same shit as us, whether they need to or not" isn't a great position to take, TBH.

Off Topic / Re: Back to the Office
« on: 22 July, 2021, 10:06:43 PM »
That's just an excuse to restore the old status quo, at which point it will be harder to go back to working from home again.

Also exactly what I said to my wife when her work proposed their “just come in two days a week” ‘compromise’.

Off Topic / Re: Back to the Office
« on: 22 July, 2021, 12:51:50 PM »
I feel it'd be different if there was a business case for it, but it doesn't appear there is one.

This is exactly what I've said to my wife: every time they bring it up, ask them what the business case is for doing this. Sooner or later, they'll have to admit that there isn't one.

It's particularly galling because both her manager and the manager above (director level) agree that there's no reason for it but, apparently, the push is coming from the senior exec level and, at that point, it starts to sound a lot like someone just wants to exert their authority because they feel everything should go 'back to normal'.

Off Topic / Re: Back to the Office
« on: 22 July, 2021, 12:00:45 PM »
Flexibility is definitely key: I want to work at home, but I have a spare room, a garden and a cat, which all make the experience extremely nice. If I was in the skanky Birmingham bedsit flat I once lived in then I might feel differently.

I completely get this. Obviously, I've been home-based for over a decade now, but I understand that not everyone's homes are suitable to work from, and not everyone's job can be done from home. The idea, however, that people who can work, and have been working, quite effectively from home should be forced back into the office is enraging.

My wife's employers are doing this right now. She doesn't want to go back — she talks to her staff (all also currently working from home) all the time. There's been zero impact on the functioning of the department she manages, except that she's got 10+ hours a week she wasn't getting paid for back in saved commuting time, and any additional hit to us extra electricity/heating over the last year and a bit is more than covered by savings on travel.

She's ready to actually quit over this because, quite reasonably, she doesn't want to have to get on public transport with potentially maskless people, nor sit in a building with 300 other workers while the air con cycles everyone's bugs (not just covid) around the place. She hasn't been sick a single day since she started working from home.

I've advised her to push back, to make them try and sack her if they want to be dicks about it. What grounds are they going to cite? Her safety concerns are groundless? Tough to make that one stick, especially right now. Negative impact on the business? Hard to make that claim with fifteen months of continuous evidence to the contrary.

None of her team wants to go back, either. Like I said to her, they're not children and "because we said so" isn't a good enough reason for adults to follow the instruction of other adults when those instructions mean significantly increasing the risk of exposure to a dangerous virus.

Off Topic / Re: Back to the Office
« on: 22 July, 2021, 11:17:26 AM »
Right now, however, I think it’s a very different ask. We are in a pandemic with rapidly increasing cases. It’s reckless to expect people to return to office work, just because a hapless government says it’s OK.

I'm absolutely convinced this whole, unnecessary "back to work" drive is being pushed by lobbying from commercial landlords, who are absolutely terrified of a permanent and significant contraction in the demand for office space.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 22 July, 2021, 09:04:57 AM »
It's a really interesting film.  I'm sure not on purpose either.  It seems to be entirely constructed on contrivances.  It almost has themes, but forgets to explore them.

I think a large part of the odd tone is down to the fact that it was originally written as a straight SF movie, and then it was decided to make it a current-day action movie, so they filed off as many SF elements as they thought they could get away with, leading to this… thing which is obviously an SF movie but conspicuously pretending it's not.

Suggestions / Re: What if the Megazine had a different remit?
« on: 21 July, 2021, 10:59:57 AM »
Didn’t that actually happen on one of those books, too? I’m pretty sure one of the Dredd ones was reworked in that manner.

Yes… now, that I've checked — John Grant's 'The Hundredfold Problem', and also an unpublished Dave Stone Dredd novel that got re-tooled as a Dr Who novel.

Suggestions / Re: What if the Megazine had a different remit?
« on: 21 July, 2021, 10:53:48 AM »
I guess anything with any sort of Judge/Mega City in it is automatically part of Rebellion's copyright, though.

Yes… a 'derivative' work, so you'd only be offered a work-for-hire contract on that type of story. In other media, it's not unheard of to get a mixed ownership model — with the old Virgin Dreddworld novels (I believe), the broad copyright for the novel remained with either Fleetway or Virgin, as the licensees (I'm not sure which), but the actual text remained copyright of the author, meaning that theoretically the author could simply find/replace out any Dredd/Dreddworld terminology and re-sell the text itself as a new work.

I'm not aware of any such deals in UK comics, though. Maybe the old Grant/Ezquerra 'Armageddon/Bad Man' thing? (Since that was listed as creator-owned, but had it run to its completion would have been closely tied to Dredd and its associated continuity… although I have zero info on whether that was actually the case.)

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 21 July, 2021, 10:20:18 AM »
that's not the worst comparison I've ever encountered.

If Rosa Parks had been protesting her right to get on a bus with a highly contagious disease and infect every fucker on there, the comparison might be apt. Otherwise, GTFO.

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2022
« on: 20 July, 2021, 03:09:56 PM »
304 pages, apparently, which is pretty chunky. I don’t envy whoever had to put that together. Compiling the best of the master’s stories must have been insanely tricky.

It's America, reprinted 2.5 times…

Off Topic / Re: Science is Drokking Fantastic Because...
« on: 18 July, 2021, 08:19:03 PM »
Sinister Deckchair?


Events / Re: Thought Bubble 2020
« on: 15 July, 2021, 05:22:33 PM »
So sad reading that...

The very last emails I exchanged with Dave ended with us promising to meet up at Thought Bubble if it went ahead this year. Dammit, Dave.

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