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Kev Levell:
I have 99% decided to part with my 2000ad collection. It's just about complete up to about April 2017. I just don't have the space to keep it anymore. It's pretty much all packed into heavy duty 35L Really Useful Boxes. A good chunk of the first 1000 are bagged iirc. Possibly more.
Progs 1-2028 (none missing) and prog 3 has the free gift, and most of the later progs have their gifts too - I think I'm missing a 30 year old hubba bubba though 😉.
Megs Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, current run up to 383 (none missing)
All the Annuals & yearbooks
Many of the reprint monthlies up to the early 90s
Most Sci-Fi & winter specials etc. inc. '77, '78, '79.
Crisis 1-25, Diceman 1-5
Ideally I'd like it to go to a good home and be kept together. I've looked on ebay and can see the best way to sell would be in chunks, initially I'm reluctant to do that if I can find the right buyer and agree a reasonable price for it... condition is mostly pretty good to very good even many of the early bog paper ones were ok last time I looked - I'd like to think I've looked after them well.
Was hoping for circa £4000-£5000.
It's up in my loft currently and is hernia inducing to move for photos... with lockdown lifting I wondered whether now might be a good time to try selling it as a whole, buyer to collect (you'll need a van).
I'm in Cambridge fwiw. Happy to listen to sense and/or other offers if I'm out to lunch on this. I'd appreciate any thoughts whatsoever actually.

Kev Levell:
Okay, I've done a bit more looking about and going by individual sales on ebay and then reducing by 30% looks like £3000 would be a more reasonable price as a job lot.
I'm probably going to divide the lot now anyway if no one's interested at that price though. I'll add sales details to this topic, hopefully sometime tomorrow, if not before!

Suspect anyone willing to pay big money on a complete set has already collected a good chunk - or it'll go to a shop/dealer that can will it in chunks anyway, but happy to link this on twitter if you like, Kev.


Kev Levell:
Thanks PJ. I'm taking pics and stuff right now, I'm gonna split it up I think... just been looking at the earlier progs actually, some of them aren't in the most amazing condition to be fair. Still probably worth a look for someone though.
When I update, I'd be really grateful if you tweeted - it would be much appreciated ;-).

Kev Levell:
I have now decided to split up my 2000ad collection.

It's just about complete up to about April 2017. I just don't have the space to keep it anymore. It's all packed into heavy duty 35L Really Useful Boxes as shown.

General note on condition:
Some issues are bagged, a handful are boarded too. Some are in fair condition, most are very much readable, some of the earliest ones are perhaps a little tired, but as far as I recall none are truly terrible, there are newsagent marks, cut-out coupons, there might be a bit of water damage, mildew or mould on some of them too… but I think I’ve allowed for that in my prices.

There are a few pics of the collection and the early issues in my flickr stream for anyone who is interested.
Price for everything is £2900 just in case anyone actually was interested in the bulk. Otherwise, I’m willing to split it up as follows.
1 - £90 ono - missing spinner (mould spots)
2 - £75 ono -no biotronic stickers (mould spots)
3 - £90 ono - with red alert wallet (damage to prog - loose/removed pages & mould spots)
4 - £25 ono
5 - £15 ono
6-9 - £10 each ono
10 - £15 ono
11-20 £50 for bundle
21-30 £45 for bundle
31-40 £45 for bundle
41-50 £45 for bundle
51-60 £40 for bundle
61-70 £40 for bundle
71-80 £100 for bundle (includes the “banned” issues)
81-90 £40 for bundle
91-100 £45 for bundle
101-200 £100 for bundle
201-300 £125 for bundle (some key issues in there!)
301-400 £100 for bundle
401-500 £100 for bundle
501-600 £65 for bundle
601-700 £65 for bundle
701-800 £50 for bundle
801-900 £50 for bundle
901-1000 £50 for bundle
1001-1100 £50 for bundle
1101-1200 £50 for bundle
1201-1300 £65 for bundle (includes 1208)
1301-1400 £50 for bundle
1401-1500 £50 for bundle
1501-1600 £50 for bundle
1601-1700 £50 for bundle
1701-1800 £50 for bundle
1801-1900 £50 for bundle
1901-2000 £50 for bundle
2001-2028 £14 for bundle
(year end specials are included within the runs)

Vol 1. 1-20 £30 for bundle
Vol 2. 1-83 £100 for bundle ono
Vol 3. 1-79 £100 for bundle ono
Vol 4. 1-18 £36 for bundle
201-250 £100
251-300 £100
301-350 £100
351-383 £66

2000ad annuals £50
Judge Dredd Annuals £40
2000ad Yearbooks £25
Judge Dredd Yearbooks £25
Sci-Fi & Winter Specials £50
Best Of 2000ad monthly £25
Complete Judge Dredd £10
Other Best ofs & specials £20

I'm located in Cambridge city, buyers will need to collect as I am without access to transport most of the time, cash (or paypal will be required as f&f) on pick-up please.

Please DM me with offers or requests. If you require individual issues, sorry, but tough, these bundles are priced extremely reasonably IMO and I’m looking to shift everything as quick as I can! I might consider the odd nicely worded offer, but I will ignore pi$$-takers.
FWIW I’m willing to send Progs 1-10 within the UK via special delivery at your cost (+fees and probably a +15% hassle insurance charge unless you’re happy to trust me as f&f). I might be prepared to send the bundles of 10 too, and I’m happy to photograph and double check issues. Beware, though, if on receipt you quibble about the quality of what is essentially a comic printed on bog paper, that’s on you, sorry - early 2000ad is shite quality, we all know it… if you want top quality guaranteed, you know where to find that.
The bigger bundles will need collection, I won’t even entertain the possibility of Hermes on this - sorry.
I’ve sold stuff on ebay and on various groups and before the ‘C’ word, I was a five star seller:
Hopefully anyone who’s dealt with me can vouch for my character.
I’m not looking to rip anyone off, it’s gutting to be selling my collection and the realisation that it’s monetary worth is way, way below what it should be, so go gently please.


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