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Some odd bits and pieces that may be of interest and have lost their claim to my shelf space…

Subscriber Gifts

* T-Shirt (40 Years Creep) : £5 + £1.55 p&p
In original plastic bag (opened), unworn / unwashed.  Fruit of the Loom, XL, folded
* Abaddon Books launch samplers (pb, Rebellion, 2006) : £5 + £1.55 p&p
   Tomes of the Dead: Death Hulk, Matthew Sprange
   Dreams of Inan: A Kind of Peace, Andy Boot
   Sniper Elite: Spear of Destiny, Jaspre Bark
   The Afterblight Chronicles: The Culled, Simon Spurrier
* Art packs – Cam Kennedy, John Higgins : £5 + £3.20 p&p
In original plastic resealable bags
* Card art prints (A4) Frank Quitely, Clint Langley, Leigh Gallagher, Greg Staples : £5 + £1.55 p&p
* Card art print (A3) Tula Lotay (Judge Anderson, Judge Death) : £3 + £3.20 p&p
Unfolded, and no creases or other damage.
* MC-1 Justice Department Notebook & Lawscriber (pen) : £3 + £2 p&p
In original plastic resealable bag, unused.
* Fridge Magnets (Dredd, Mean Machine) 1st lot: £2 + 70p p&p
* Fridge Magnets (Dredd, Mean Machine) 2nd lot: £2 + 70p p&p
* Door Hanger (Dredd on loo) : £2 + 70p p&p
Image is by Cliff Robinson from Prog 1194 but with what looks to be painted rather than the computer colouring from the Prog cover.
* Badge (Tharg: Squaxx Dek Thargo Subscriber) : £2 + 70p p&p
In original plastic bag.  Also including 2 decent homemade Anderson badges I received as a gift from an eBay seller.
* Badges - 2020 2000 AD set (Democracy Now, I Am The Law, Chopper, Death) :  £2 + 70p p&p

* Judge Dredd Ultimate Collection issue 1 + flyer : £2 + £1.55p p&p
    Approx A1 size, Bolland, folded.  Was included as part of the launch bundle with issue 1.
* 2000 AD Ultimate Collection issue 1 + flyer : £2 + £1.55p p&p
    Approx A1 size, Bolland, folded.  Was included as part of the launch bundle with issue 1.

* Metro Dredd #1 [Metro 26-Jan-04, folded] : £3 + £1.55 p&p
Front cover has taken some damage (top left corner torn, bottom right damaged, bit of yellowing on fold).  The Dredd strip inside is fine though.
* PC CD-ROM: Judge Dredd - Dredd vs Death (Rebellion, 2003) : £5 + £1.55 p&p
Unable to test, but installed fine on release.  Includes original instructions, subscription flyer.  Also includes a review of the Virgin Dredd game torn out of Zzap!64 April 1991 which I must’ve put in there at some stage for some reason.
* Cassette: Judge Dredd the Original Adventures, Vols 1-2 (Apocalypse War; The Day the Law Died) (Speaking Volumes / BBC Radio 1, 1995) : £10 + £2 p&p
Audio dramas by Dirk Maggs.  Both cases have a 1 inch split, one on the cover, one on the spine, but not too noticeable.  Tapes have not been played for years, and I can’t test them now, but have been stored carefully and were fine on release.
* T-Shirt: Dredd - I Am The Law (NerdBlock) : £5 + £1.55 p&p
Unworn / unwashed.  Gildan Softstyle, L, folded
* Flyer: Disposable Heroes Comics Dredd flyer : £1 + 70p p&p
* Bag: Forbidden Planet Judgement on Gotham plastic bag (folded, 1991) : £2 + 70p p&p


I’ve listed any defects I’m aware of, but feel free to ask any specific questions on condition, or for additional info / pictures. 

Postage rates are for second-class Royal Mail UK delivery (if you want signed-for delivery add £1).  If you are buying multiple items I’ll figure out the adjusted rate when I package them up.

Payment via Paypal ‘friends and family’.  If you are local to Cambridge (UK), I’m happy to consider cash-on-collection. 

Finally, if you’re sending PMs/emails don’t forget to pop a message below first.

Thanks for reading!

Colin YNWA:
Ohh could I claim the 40 Years Creep t-shirt, 2020 badge set and note book please. If you want to share out I'd go badges as first choice.

Thanks Colin - just sent you a PM...

Barrington Boots:
I've PM'd you dude.

PM sent


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