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Prog / Re: Prog 2204 - Not of this Earth
« on: 18 October, 2020, 01:10:42 AM »
Prog arrived today. Boy did I enjoy it!  :)

Film Discussion / 2000AD movies you'd love to see...
« on: 17 October, 2020, 01:17:45 AM »
Thought this could be a fun topic. I'd like to just see a movie called 2000AD. An anthology movie with a structure a bit like Cloud Atlas. Telling three or four stories. Dredd, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper and a future shock thing. Narratives weaving in and out of each other. Tharg occasionally narrating. Maybe one story segment could be animated... I'd love that.

I'd also love to see direct to blu ray animated films like the DC ones that come out from time to time.

Forgive me if I'm doing anyone's head in - it's just I'm really excited that I recently renewed my sub and my head is just in a total 2000AD ZONE.

Music / Re: First single or album bought
« on: 17 October, 2020, 01:01:46 AM »
Ok. Talking strictly CDs - the first album I bought was Countdown To Extinction by Megadeth. The first single I bought was Millennium by Killing Joke.

I'd bought cassettes and vinyl before that growing up - but I'm not sure if I could tell you what the first ones were.

I'm old.

Music / Re: Q Magazine to close
« on: 17 October, 2020, 12:59:35 AM »
I suspect the circulation problem is equally down to the quality or at least the ambition/subversion of modern bands. Modern Pop/Rock exacts a Insta/Twitter engagement that renders the mystique of Bowie/Prince/McCartney/Morrissey redundant.

Or an equally depressing note I subscribed to Empire magazine when they did a 20 year retrospective on Jaws. Then a 25th. Then 30th. I think it was the 35th I just cancelled. Nostalgia's not what it was.

I stopped buying that YEARS ago.

Music / Re: What's everyone listening to...?
« on: 17 October, 2020, 12:58:17 AM »
Been listening to a lot of Megadeth lately

Books & Comics / Re: DC - Future State (2021)
« on: 17 October, 2020, 12:15:57 AM »
I'm curious. Must admit.

Creative Common / Re: ChickenStu's Very Amateur Art
« on: 15 October, 2020, 12:05:23 AM »
Not too shabby at all! I love the three looks of Dredd, and you've nailed the Robinson Dredd look too.

Oh wow... Thanks!  :)

Please enjoy this one too!


Off Topic / Re: Day of Chaos 2: a.Covid-19 thread.
« on: 14 October, 2020, 07:46:58 PM »
Cheers, Dave. Appalling mess about covers it.

Tord mate. I know how you're feeling, been in the same boat. Drop us a PM if you need to vent mate.

Off Topic / Re: Thought Police: Are we allowed to query 'woke'?
« on: 14 October, 2020, 07:34:15 PM »
I definitely agree Social Media is a potentially toxic and addictive replacemetn for actually going out and doing things, that's true.  but it is also potentially a positive force for people to raise their freak flag. I mean, sadly, it has been way too effective for Right Wingers to allow their own brand of virtue signalling, using phrases like "snowflake", "SJW" and "Virtue Signalling" to gain their own kind of approval and build their tribe.

I hope you don't think I'm one of these right wingers because I can assure you I'm not. I'm just being honest about how I feel right now.

Off topic slightly - Social Media has a lot to answer for. There has been a sharp rise in mental health issues, mainly in adolescent/teenage girls. The stats do not make for pleasant reading. All linked to the social media phenomenon. It's a catastrophe unfolding right in front of us.

Off Topic / Re: Thought Police: Are we allowed to query 'woke'?
« on: 14 October, 2020, 05:52:27 PM »
Maybe life experience has made me a bit cynical, I don't know. And perhaps it stems from my (sadly necessary) research into the negative effects that social media is having on civilisation in general.

But it's like I said above - we're moving more into a society where affirmation on social media has become almost a psuedo currency. It's happening right under our noses.

So what's the best way to generate that kind of approval? Get behind a cause. Post a selfie taken at some kind of protest to show how 'right on" one is.

I'm not saying all are not genuine - but it's prudent to take such matters into consideration when examining this phenomenon.

Off Topic / Re: Thought Police: Are we allowed to query 'woke'?
« on: 14 October, 2020, 12:30:04 AM »
Without putting words into your mouth ChickenStu, you are "immediately suspicious of anyone" who criticises something for lacking diversity, so by that mark, the tell tale sign someone doesn't really want diversity is that they are vocal in their support of diversity?

If what you are saying is "I support diversity too but some people leap in before they have all the facts, or want diversity where it would be odd (No black actors playing Nazi High Command roles)", then I get you.   It isnt somethign that personally riles me, other than it makes a good straw man target for the Piers Morgans to use to discredit the whole idea of diversity. 

I'd argue that is the minority though, so I wouldnt become immediately suspicious of someones motives myself, unless it was something like the above example, in which case, amplifying the "nutter" element by bringing up "virtue signalling" as if it is a huge problem only undermines the vast majority of sensible voices, so best to ignore it/step away from such extremes (which I thnk are rare enough I dont feel the need to go on high alert as soon as anyone mentions diversity)

I'm not going to take the easy way out but thanks for offering it.

Support diversity? I'm just not racist, I live my life being nice to everyone and I call out injustice when I'm needed.

I'll give you an example: The Idris Elba as Bond thing. I wouldn't care of he played Bond. Not because of any self aggrandizing posturing - more "it's just a movie - who gives a shit. If he looks cool in a tux then that's my ticket bought".

When I talk about being suspicious - it's not about whether they believe it, it's more if they expect to gain something. Social media likes are fast becoming a currency. You watched the Black Mirror episode Nosedive, right?

Off Topic / Re: Thought Police: Are we allowed to query 'woke'?
« on: 13 October, 2020, 09:17:48 PM »
@JayzusBChrist... Yeah. That's about the size of it.

@Leigh S... I think it's perfectly easy to tell the difference between the ones who are genuine and the ones who aint.

Off Topic / Re: Thought Police: Are we allowed to query 'woke'?
« on: 13 October, 2020, 03:36:59 PM »
I'd stand with you against that racist twat.*

*Because I'm amazing!


Ugh... he was such a prick. Was having such a lovely night out until he piped up.  :-\

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