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First of all...This is labelled SPOILER, so if you have not read 2002, turn away now...
Secondly, my views on the prog. I thought it was great! There was a nicely varied mix of the new (two great stories, can't wait for the next episodes) and something for the old readers like myself (V.C.s, Robusters, Bad Company) while still having the mainstays (Dredd, Dante, Sinister/Dexter) represented. All in all, an impressive effort by all concerned.
Now for my main part of the message. It seems that Tharg's droids have been reading our recent discussions in this forum. Many of the top tens have been the subject of discussion amongst us for a while now. All in all, I like the choices that have been made in these. I would like to know what the rest of you think. Any glaring ommissions? Any "whatt were they thinkings"?

Thread Zero:
Sure are McNulty!

How come Owen Krysler the Judge Child, didn't make the top ten vilest villian list?

Bad one there Rebellion!

The most heart breaking moment list forgets Wulf's death! Yet they have it as best death scene! Odd that.

Coolest moment list omits the revelation that the Dead Man was Dredd!
That was a great moment in 2k's history!

Anderson is way sexier than Durham Red.

And Judge Death is the definition of evil. He should be at number one|!

If I am beginning to sound like some sad 2000AD fan forgive me...

scojo off for a walk with my cat

You are way wrong on this one Scojo! Judge Death believes that all crime is committed by the living therefore all life is a crime. He follows this twisted code religiously. No one escapes his perverted type of justice. He doesn't execute it with prejudice. He doesn't find some more guilty than others and some not guilty at all. He doesn't act on biggoted views or racial sterotypes. He doesn't act on intolerance or racial hatred. In a warped short of way he is fair. He considers all people equally. Torquemada on the other hand...


Thread Zero:
But what you fail to see is Death kills everyone!

How can someone who views all life as wrong be 'fair'?

Torquemada believes in life for some. Death doesn't. Therefore, Death is far more evil.

Absolute genocide is far worse than selective genocide.

Argue with that!


Thread Zero:
Lsten Matt, if you met Death and Torquemada, who would kill you?

Judge Death.

I think I have proven my point.



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