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So let us focus on the important stuff in life like comics, books and films :)

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So I guess "To Crush Your Enemies! To See Them Driven Before You! And To Hear The Lamentations Of Their Women!" has fallen out of favour then? Sigh!

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In my younger days when the world stood ready to be conquered and beer was flowing from the taps. Now that t-shirt has faded and the moths had its revenge on it. The good old days !!!!

Mister Pops:

Dog Deever:
Normally what happens is that we vote on the thrill-power of each argumentation before the last pack of popcorn is finished.

I'm giving it a low score I'm afraid- I'm disappointed nobody mentioned Great Tartaria to be honest. I have a picklehaube antenna installed on my Tartarian hat and can't seem to get any free electric, though I can appreciate I might be too far away from a church organ or some other obvious thing I might have missed.
Anyway, I thought the Dictators of Zrag were behind all the worlds ills.

Shit happens, people get heated and any group will inevitably fall out at various points- Future Shock Syndrome sets in or perhaps some thrill-circuits get burned out...
The fall-outs here are pretty tame next to much of the rest of the internet- even the blatant mud-slinging is remarkably restrained for the most part. It just looks like two guys getting frustrated with each other and I don't think there was anything truly nasty or despicable said, I'm guessing it got locked down because it just didn't have anywhere to go from where it was at.
Some wheelie-bin fires need to just have the lid closed, be quietly wheeled into a neighbouring garden and everyone walk away whistling, checking if anyone noticed while vowing to never speak of it again (and stealing the neighbours bin, obviously).

Rigellian hotshots all round and offenders have to read a Fleischer story before they are allowed to argue again.
I'm sure LS will be okay- he's a remarkably resilient and immensely affable guy, whatever anyone thinks of his views.

Me, I was pretty pissed off with the Shark in the end, for transforming what was, for me at least, a positive thread that provided some kind of support into, well, his kind of thread and inevitably giving the mods no option but to finish it. I was planning never to visit it again anyway; it was beginning to make my blood simmer and I know I wouldn't have changed any minds anyway.

But at the end of the day, much as I hate some of his opinions and how he argues them, I like the Shark, and I'm wondering, but haven't dared ask:  is he banned now?

Personally I normally find the Politics thread interesting - in fact sometimes it's one of my main sources of information re. current events.   

The Legendary Shark:
Sorry The Legendary Shark, you are banned from using this forum!
Banned for seven days for spreading
misinformation during a public health
emergency, ignoring a previous warning.
This ban is set to expire 06 April 2021,

Ban over.

I find it disappointing that the responsible party didn't let you know they banned me and I didn't just slink off - especially since the question was raised.

Thanks for your kind words, Dog - that afternoon we spent sitting on those Glaswegian steps in the sunshine with Colin seems a million years ago now. (Where you in the bar when SB, whom I've never met, sat there giving me the evils all night? That was odd!)

Thanks also for the emails of support, it's nice to know that not everyone is afraid to entertain (if not accept) ideas other than the popular or "safe" ones, and that having different opinions is not as dangerous, heretical or evil as arbitrary censorship. Still, it is a comics forum so I suppose every other topic of discussion is beyond the pale. I suggest locking every topic not connected with our beloved 2000AD to avoid friction. Censor the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

Anyhoo - onwards and upwards.


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