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Colin YNWA:
Nice punny tagline.

Good Prog behind it.

Dredd as you were nicely cranking tension, typically superb Niemand interactions between character and a place fantastic story. I'm not sure I've actually declared this but Niemand is now clearly the best none Wagner Dredd writer we have and have had.

Brink Speaking of the best this is just that. Another quite brilliant episode. Who is following Maslow?

Hope more innovation and imagination with the way this story is presented and its a damned good story too, so - fantastic!

Dexter - the only real misstep this week. This has been a fantastic story and then this week fight and over. I assume something is being set up with the moths - I guess the final weapon to defeat the AI (I'm normally wrong about these things!) - but for this story I wanted more than the energetic slam, bam over ending.

Fiends origins and emergances - brilliant fun.

So yeah a bit of a step back from last week, mainly due to Dexter, which bad, just not the high standard I'd set for it!

Cover by Tazio Bettin:

Cover and Logo:

A good prog I will give it 5 out of 5

Dredd – The story is pulling me in and Niemand is setting up a showdown between a man trying to survive and a man that is the law. The team Niemand/Foster is producing the goods. Niemand is the new Dredd.

Brink – Paranoia is setting in as Maslow gets the feeling like he is being watched and Culbard helps to elevate the paranoia with some great panel layouts. The plot is steadily and creepily moving forward as another old friend is reintroduced. Another interesting ending to the story.

Hope – Creepy and disturbing with Broxton’s effectively using red to tell the story. Great stuff so far.
Dexter – Well the story ends in away that is quite predictable but still a good filler for the time being. Unfortunately, the plot has not moved an inch just another day on the run. Maybe there is something at the end (those damn moths!!!)

Fiends – Great story as the first sinner swap war stories with Constanta. Edginton keeps on adding more layers to the mythology of Fiends. Supper stuff.

LOVED Hope this week, some amazing imagery in there, even if I am totally lost about whatever the plot of this series is. Someone is killing people on a film set, I guess? Hope is theoretically investigating but has zero clues?

Agree that Dexter ended a bit too quickly and easily, but overall a fun diversion and Bettin is gettin better each time.

I continue to be disappointed that Fiends is no longer about the clash of the horrors of war with the horrors of vampirism, and has become yet another Ian Edginton mash-up of supernatural beasties from around the world/across the ages, with a vague wartime setting. I'm really struggling to find a story there to get invested in! At least it's gorgeous to look at.


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