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Off Topic / Ill be off for a couple of weeks....
« on: 09 June, 2005, 03:30:31 AM »
In a moment of self importance, I thought Id declare that Im off for a couple of weeks holiday in a sunny destination "across the pond" with a couple of mice, a dog and a duck for company.  

So until I come back as Bill or Ted said.
"Be excellent to one another"

And if you cant say anything nice, its often best not to say anything at all.  So Ill be back around the 23rd or so...  


Film & TV / Seriously just one film.....
« on: 07 June, 2005, 02:28:12 AM »
the previous thread got me thinking, dangerous to do I know.  But hear me out.  If you had one film that you can watch over and over again.  What is it?

Ill have a think as Im stuck on 3 at the moment.


Off Topic / Help from the Hive: Conversion from MP3 to Wav
« on: 02 June, 2005, 05:45:26 PM »
Thought Id ask the hive, mostly because Im too busy to search through google or download.com.  Blame newfangled Blade Server and VMWare and Advanced server 2003

Problem is this, Ive copied tons of cds on to my HDD at home and my eldest child has either lost or misplaced some of them, and of course my wife is asking for some of the cds that are misplaced to listen to in her car.  Therefore I need to recreate part of my music collection from MP3 to WAV (I think) so she can listen to the CD on a normal cd player in her car.  And Id prefer a free copy too :)  

Please help me, never anger her indoors.


Off Topic / Does anyone....
« on: 06 September, 2004, 05:19:49 PM »
Want to tell me whats been going on over the last couple of weeks, as Im now back from a relaxing time in France and if you havent got anything to tell.  Just welcome me back :)

Yer "bored at work and its only 3 hours in" Slips

I laughed a lot.  But it did make me wonder what people do in their spare time or do they think every time a woman is nice to them on the phone they are fit or where they just bored and needed a poll to post.

Personally I hope its the latter...

Yours non seriously Slips

PS - Seriously I think it was better when the polls were accessible.  The seem more distant now...  just a thought

News / The Boarders Awards 2003 - Results
« on: 02 April, 2004, 05:37:16 PM »
Well heres the winners, Ive not collated the rest of the results, Ill do that when I get some time at the weekend.  

The Awards:

The Ace Garp award for best Series (non Dredd)
Cabbalistics Inc

The Max Normal award for best Dredd Story:
Sturm and Dang

The Two ton Tony Tubbs award for best Artist:
Dom Reardon

The Rosa Karn award for best Writer:  
John Wagner

The W.R. Logan memorial award for best cover:  

The Murd the oppressor award for best Villain:
Orlok the Assassin. (Judge Dredd)

The Shako award for best Character:
Judge Dredd

Best Message board thread:
monkey in a hat

Best Message Board Icon:

The “Oh my Grud, not Judge Death again” award for best Reprint:
Charlies war.

Best Fanzine:
Solar Wind

Why, Tharg, WHY?:
Synnamon (1362-1370)

The Bad city Blue award for best One off Series:  
Leviathan (1351-1360)

The Halo Jones award for most Improved Droid:
Si Spurrier (Bec & Kawl/ Lobster Random/ From grace/ Future Shock)

The imperfect shock terror twist award:  
Terror Tales The statue garden (1327) Gary Wilkinson Dom Reardon

The Chopper award for best "new" Artist:
Boo Cook (Dead men Walking)

The Abelard Snazz award for best "new" Writer:
Paul Cornell (XTNCT)

This award has confused me weve chosen all the single episode series, but some from the Meg arent really that suitable, so Ive listed them all.  Once again Nominations by friday the 9th January, Bolt-01 and my decision is final.  Of you go....

The imperfect shock terror twist award: It only had one episode, but was it a good one?

Valid progs and megs are: 2000ad progs 2003, 1322-1370 (inc) Megazine 201-213(inc) as well as the two Extreme editions published this year.

Series    Title (Prog/Meg)      Writer       Artist
Future Shock   Head (1334)         Jamie Wooley      Simon Gurr
Future Shock   Bad Thoughts   (1342)      Richard McTighe   Leigh Gallagher
Future Shock   Revelations (1343)      Chris Blythe      Cam Kennedy
Future Shock   The burning deck (1359)   Jaspre Bark      Rufus Dayglo
Future Shock   Tadfraggers (1369)      Si Spurrier      Gary Crutchley
Future Shock    Autocrats anonymous (1370)   Jaspre Bark   PJ Holden
Past Imperfect Otherworld (1346-1349)   Steve Moore      Cam Smith
Past Imperfect The man they couldn’t hang (1356) Kek-W   Leigh Gallagher
Past Imperfect The great war (1361)   Gary Wilkinson   Leigh Gallagher
Terror Tales   The statue garden (1327)   Gary Wilkinson   Dom Reardon
Banzai Battallion Save the Fitz (2003)   John Wagner      Ian Gibson
Kleggs      (Meg 201)         Ian Edgington      Mike Collins
Bato Loco   True Romance (Meg 208)   Gordon Rennie   Simon Coleby
Repo Mex   Worst job in Galaxy (Meg 208) James Stevens   Nigel Raynor

Yes thats right im looking for 15 or so nominations for the best message board icon.  Be it a little gray box or a fully animated gif. Icons are all over the board. Follow the link and tell everyone which is your favourite.
OOH, look at all the lovely pictures

Nominations to be in by the 9th of January for inclusion in the main awards.  Bolt-01 and my decision is final, its your awards get nominating

Yer Slips

Website and Forum / Boarders Awards - The Logan best cover 2003 award
« on: 08 January, 2004, 12:21:01 AM »
After Logans sterling work on the covers this year, weve named an award after him.  I need 15 nominations for the best cover of the year, pics below and I hope they dont stuff up.















Its your awards so please take part.  Bolt-01 and my decision is final

Yer Slips

Im looking for 15 nominations for the Award of Best Villain.  This can be any villain that has appeared in either the prog or the meg (2000ad progs 2003, 1322-1370 (inc) Megazine 201-213(inc) as well as the two Extreme editions published this year).

Bolt-01 and my word is final, all nominations to be recieved by the 9th of January for inclusion into this years awards.

Yer Slips

Im looking for up to 15 nominations for the Award of best character.  It can be anyone who appeared in the prog or the meg last year (2000ad progs 2003, 1322-1370 (inc) Megazine 201-213(inc) as well as the two Extreme editions published this year).

Bolt-01 and my word are final, all nominations to be in by Friday the 9th of January.  Its your awards, so your voting is necessary.

Yer Slips

What got you thinking the most this year? Did the majesty of the monkey in a hat thread keep you chuckling, or maybe it was the monumental task of choosing your favourite Megazine cover of all time? Other threads are applicable, not just the examples I have given. Make the choice yours, as the time draws nigh. This will sort the silly from the serious.

Again Im looking for around 15 nominations, votes to be in by the 9th of January.  As usual mine and Bolt-
01 word is final.

Yer Slips

As part of the boarders awards thats on a special page on this website, Im looking for nominations to go into the award for Why Tharg Why.  There are some stories that just don’t work. It could be a case of the artist and writer disagree, or that the story is just not sufficiently Zarjazz for the squaxx. Either way, if we don’t tell the green one what doesn’t work, he will make us read it again, and again.  This is basically the wooden Spoon award.

Im looking for somewhere in the region of 15 nominations, voting ends Friday the 9th of january, Bolt-01 and my word is final :)

Yer Slips

As part of the boarders awards thats on a special page on this website, Im looking for nominations to go into the award for Most Improveded Droid.  This can be anyone (Writer, Artist, Letterer) whose work has dramatically increased in Quality and Stature this, Im looking for somewhere in the region of 15 nominations, myself and bolts decision is final :)  

Valid progs and megs are: 2000ad progs 2003, 1322-1370 (inc) Megazine 201-213(inc) as well as the two Extreme editions published this year.

The deadline for this voting will be Friday the 9th of January after that the award will appear as a poll on the Boarders Awards Page, so get Voting

Any Questions ask away on this thread or the other, Boarders Award thread.

Yer Slips

Off Topic / Comic Related CrossOvers you'll never see.....
« on: 07 December, 2003, 06:47:08 AM »
Sitting in the bar at Dreddcon, waxing lyrically (definition talking bullshit).  Myself, bart diaz, big c, pete mask replica and a couple of others were discussing US comics and Crossovers.  Occasionally these crossovers were tenuous at best, eg Green Arrow and Green Lantern, Why?  Because they have the word green in their titles.  So we got to thinking, name a crossover with some comic related character and link them......  Its crap, I know but it was the best thing we could come up with in the Pub!!!!

Sooo first up
Green Lantern in pathetic crossover with the green cross code man, foghting their way through congestiuon charges against the evil mayor, Red Ken!

Yer "Stupid as feck" Slips

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